Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fuck Baucus:

Vote green until we get AT LEAST a public option!

Bye- Bye Dems

5 Democrats in the senate finance committee voted no to the compromise that is the public option today. We are all the worse for it. If this is what Democratic control looks like, I would rather have the Republicans. At least we know where they stand and there is always hope that better Democrats can be born next time. We should not support any Democrat that voted against this bill, and we should vote out all of the leadership in the party.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

G20... wtf? is anybody catching this?

The nazi stomping boots thing is pretty creepy but it gets really weird around 8:30... Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I love technology... (always and forever)

Google Fast Flip. Consider yourself informated...

Look... Google may be a bunch of world-dominating bastards, but those world-dominating bastards make really, really cool toys. And this particular "really cool toy" is the best thing to hit internet news since... well... Google News. If you don't think so, then just keep playing with it. Trust me... it's completely addictive on a level that I don't really feel comfortable with. It will make your fancy parts tingle.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'll have the "Judy's Salad" please...

I spent 90 minutes or so discussing the current state of the healthcare policy debate with a friend of mine over lunch at Gaby’s Mediterranean on Saturday. That’s no plug… they’re just close to my apartment, I like their food, and generally express myself through hypertext. Anyway, it became an extremely frustrating exercise as I played devil’s advocate to his completely logical and well-intentioned ideas. My argument is that we are facing a situation in which no acceptable healthcare policy will emerge. Whereas Bill Moyers (7:00 mark) feels that we need to push a bill that sacrifices nothing from our most ideal and progressive ideas, I believe such inflexibility would be catastrophic and lead to a conversational roadblock on healthcare policy similar to the fourteen-year lapse from which we just emerged (see Bill Clinton’s first term.) Instead, I see this as an iterative process… a ten-year bridge to acceptable policy (feel free to replace ten with the number of your choice depending on your optimism/pessimism.) We are just not going to do away with the insurance companies this round… and certainly not the pharmaceutical companies either. To fool ourselves into ignoring their power is to be ignorant of the system. As long as congressmen/women are constantly campaigning and candidates are fueled by the same money on both sides, we will not overcome the oppressive corporate framework that controls our government. The two-party system can work – but first, we need two parties.

...just saw this...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Social networking troublemakers...

So... we're now on day three of an ongoing Facebook debate regarding capital punishment. Predictably, we've got a couple lefties against and a couple righties for.

As I was falling asleep last night I think I realized what the misunderstanding is... although I might be wrong... I usually am.

Nevertheless, the issue was originally tweeted, by a friend of mine, as a civic issue: "I love how people that don't trust government can somehow support capital punishment."

To me, this takes the morality-side, which we can all agree exists and is rightfully contentious, out of the issue. But, we can probably also agree that it is an incendiary way to broach the topic...

Still, the righties can't see the civic quagmire of it all. It's like their wearing some sort of lens that filters out the meaning of the argument. They get all, "what if some dude raped your puppy" and "we should just fill a pit with broken glass and acid and toss minorities in cuz lethal injection is too expensive."

Well... they didn't say those things, but you get the point.

At any rate, while I agree that capital punishment poses a moral dilemma, there exists a civic issue as well. We live in a society that has chosen to put the meaning of life above all other values, yet the government reserves the right to terminate it. This gives the government a god-like power... and I agree with my tweeting friend... it's one that doesn't jive with the whole right-wing "I don't trust the government unless it's giving money to my church" thing.

Anyway, there's a poll to the right. Click stuff.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

GOP Clown College


I dig this guy's work... here's a few more:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

five spiral crash

as usual, george w. bush uttered a term that i am pretty sure has no meaning outside his own head. googling the term "five spiral crash" only returns news excerpts and blog posts related to bush's most recently exploited word-ish thingy. the scary thing is, i get it. eight years and that miserable bastard has mind-fucked me into understanding bushese. problem is, i think he was trying to use a metaphor - referring to some sort of aeronautical disaster to describe the mccain comedy - which troubles me twofold: 1) bush is using fictional terms that he picked up while being a fictional pilot 2) monkeys can't use metaphors.

whatever. the chewbacca defense: