Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I didn't believe him, but now we have proof...

I didn't believe Donald Trump when he said he'd suck the president's cock if he was actually born in Hawaii... but sure enough, here he is warming up. What an eager little beaver he is!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

songs are really just very interesting things to be doing with the air...

"this has been very encouraging..."

it's easy to have mixed feelings about this. on the one hand, it's never a bad thing to be recognized by your peers. an honor is an honor. half of the audience has covered the man's work and made millions of dollars doing so... a point which segues nicely into: well, what took you so fucking long - and - why not just give him a coffin? at least that would have been useful at some point. in a world that celebrates britney spears and john boehner, maybe it would have been a greater honor not to bestow public gratitude upon a man who has spent a lifetime creating some of the finest work that has so rarely been heard outside of the edgiest independent film's final credits. the great tom waits speaks in code. so, just in case you couldn't translate for yourself, "this has been very encouraging..." = "go fuck yourselves with a toilet brush." but tom is entirely too gracious of a man to come right out and say it.

heh... tom waits gets a post and japan doesn't. see? it's a fucked up world, kids.