Wednesday, May 4, 2011

continental breakfast...

what a shitty week to be a republican, eh? this has been one nasty downhill slalom for the gop ever since paul ryan was given the top crotch-sniffer's seat at obama's budget speech.

then trump and the birthers took a fat one in the keister. (we still don't believe!!!!) well that's okay. most of you believe there's a bearded jew in the sky watching everything you do. we don't care what you believe.

and now obama got osama. bam! the trifecta. (but... we still don't believe) we still don't care what you believe. if we did, then we'd have no choice but to round all you little birdies up into cyclone fenced pens and forget about you. you're lucky we don't care.

three weeks ago they thought they were at the Mandalay Bay buffet... now they realize it's just the continental breakfast at the La Quinta.

man, the La Quinta sucks.