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Friday, January 25, 2008


nuff said.

Peace in the Middle East?

This can't be good for the whole "spreading Democracy throughout the region" B.S. we've been getting spoon fed for the last 3 years. After all, that is the MAIN reason why we invaded Iraq? Right?

Is Mitt channeling Bush?

Last night in the Rebuplican debate Willard "Mitt" Romney was asked about Reagan. Just before he answers an audile "raise taxes" was heard. I was on Crooks and Liars live blog and a lot of people heard it. Check the open thread to see people discussing it. You have to scroll to around post #431. Do all the candidates get surrogate speech writers in the middle of a debate? Mitt is a fool.

More from our "guys"....

This is from a NAACP forum in July '07 but I thought it was poignant after my boy Dennis bowed out. "We gotta get rid of this GUY ". How come a candidate with REAL ideas and real plans gets "voted?" off the Democrat debates. Yet who was in the latest GOP debate? None other than Ron Paul and "911 hasn't gotten me any votes" Giulliani. How did we get TWO prowar frontrunners when most of the country wants the invasion of Iraq to end?

UPDATE: After watching this version I noticed Edwards getting a bit uneasy as Hillary approaches him the second time. He starts fumbling for his mic. It's obvious he doesn't want to talk about it right then an there. Also, notice Hillary. "Aw thanks Barack..tries to engage Edwards I was saying we gotta boot Keebler Elf boy...oh....Thanks Dennis." How awkward was that?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Presidential Candidates..

Is THIS the best we have to offer our country? Come back Dennis!! COME baaack!

A little late night humor...

Ahhh.....a classic. Someone give this man a REAL show already!

Who loves the troops?

So I guess we need a whole new batch of bumper stickers for the "Troop Supporters"??

I Support the Troops!! '09!!

What a Douchebag!

I had to link this after mentioning it earlier. Bill Orally has officially left the Earth and gone off to bizzarro land. Beware this link does go to his site and I apologize for it but you can't make anything this effing crazy up. If i could JJ Abrams would be out of a job. How does this moron still have a job let ALONE an audience?? You have to read the whole thing. I know it's painful. Know your enemy!

We DONT have any homeless vets!!! Eat it Edwards and Letterman!

It's the economy stupid....

Oh me, oh my!! What to buy, what to buy? The dollar is worth shit, people are gonna lose their houses, and homeless veterans are sleeping under bridges, wait, didn't Bill Orally personally pay to get all the Vets off the streets?? Sorry I get off message sometimes. So what does the White House want to do to "stimulate" the economy?

Drum roll please.........Weeeeeee..don't spend it all at once!

Your Senate at work.....

Earlier today the Senate voted down a FISA bill that contained NO amnesty for telecoms 60-34. Quite a few "Democrat" Senators crossed the aisle to vote agaisnt the bill. Why does this not surprise me. This is shaping up to be quite a fight in the upcoming weeks over amnesty for telecoms.

Please contact your local Represenatives and implore them to vote agaisnt immunity!

See ya Dennis

Dennis Kucinich dropped out of the race today thereby removing any remnants of a democratic party from this campaign. Pour a little out for Shorty...

Grudge Match

Ned Lamont, Joe Lieberman's old nemesis, is back - this time he's going to beat Holy Joe AND John McCain from Barack Obama's corner. Speaking of Joe...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Help Chris Dodd take our country back!

Ever sit and wonder why key Democrats in the House and Senate would allow a FISA bill that gives telecom companies amnesty? Stop wondering!

Support Chris Dodd

Why Romney needs Clear Channel take 2

Here's why he needs it. To get back to his roots.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mitt Romney Buys Clear Channel?

Sort of strange that this doesn't get more play. I know it's not exactly hot off the press, but you'd think it would be getting a bit more play considering the implications of the executive branch potentially having control over the largest radio broadcasting company in the nation. A nice thread on the subject over at BlatherWatch.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kucinich on Voting Integrity

This is interesting. Denny K is calling for a recount - not in hopes that he received more votes, rather to test the validity of electronic voting techniques.

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Interesting links from the day...

Tata reveals world's cheapest car.

On Iran...

Filed under "Totally Fucked Up":

The amputation punishment has been used in Iran since the Islamic revolution in 1979 and imposition of Islamic law, but Iranian judicial authorities have rarely publicized instances where it is enforced and have rarely used double amputations. And in the newly publicized instances, the amputators cut off the right hand and left foot, making it difficult, if not impossible, for the condemned people to walk even with a cane or crutches.

» From this NYTimes article