Friday, January 25, 2008

More from our "guys"....

This is from a NAACP forum in July '07 but I thought it was poignant after my boy Dennis bowed out. "We gotta get rid of this GUY ". How come a candidate with REAL ideas and real plans gets "voted?" off the Democrat debates. Yet who was in the latest GOP debate? None other than Ron Paul and "911 hasn't gotten me any votes" Giulliani. How did we get TWO prowar frontrunners when most of the country wants the invasion of Iraq to end?

UPDATE: After watching this version I noticed Edwards getting a bit uneasy as Hillary approaches him the second time. He starts fumbling for his mic. It's obvious he doesn't want to talk about it right then an there. Also, notice Hillary. "Aw thanks Barack..tries to engage Edwards I was saying we gotta boot Keebler Elf boy...oh....Thanks Dennis." How awkward was that?

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