Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'll never hit a woman..

..but I'll smack the shit out of 'em. Why is this dumb bitch still talking?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adopt a Country: The Maldives

The Economist last week (though I just got mineices of in the mail yesterday) published what was perhaps one of the best peices writting I have come across in many a long day. The Maldives need a new home. Check it out:

It’s a buyer’s market in property these days; and, if the Maldivians are looking for an island, Iceland is said to be going cheap. But they may be spoilt for choice: think of all the tiresome bits of territory that other countries would like to offload. The snooty English, for instance, have long disparaged Wales, which they caricature unfairly as being populated mostly by Methodist preachers and disaffected sheep. It might be a challenge to persuade the Maldivians to swap their palm-fringed paradise for Llandudno pier on a wet Sunday afternoon; still, a bit of adroit marketing, focusing on the height of the hills, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins (both sadly no longer resident) might do the trick.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

We will return shortly:

We here at iE are on a very brief hiatus recovering from a horrific election hangover. In the meantime, please enjoy the following content:

WARNING: Graffic!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

an illiterate dance lesson... enjoy.

Food Chain

I typically loathe reality tv. But I really got caught up on this new show that has an environmentally conscious message.

Japan has had a long history of killing whales for profit. Even though commercial whaling has been outlawed for over 20 years, Japan continues to kill whales by using loopholes which justify its practice. And who's to stop them from trolling frigid Antarctic waters seeking their blubbery prize? The US government? Only if they could find oil fields at the bottom of the frozen sea.

No, this task is left to treehuggers with little to no experience. Which is why I fear I may be hooked on Animal Planet's: Whale Wars. While Captain (and conservationist) Paul Watson has been fighting this battle for 30 years, much of the crew signed on because their environmentally aware guilt led them here. Some of them are clearly in over their head. While I am truly interested in this cause (because if the whales go, all life in the ocean could die, and if the ocean dies, we're next), I am finding myself fascinated with these bleeding heart renegades and their realization that they are not going back to port any time soon. The "seemed like a good idea at the time" epiphanies are true reality tv entertainment in it's basest form. This show carries a powerful message and is far grittier than say, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. Please take the time to check it out or risk being labeled a whale hating nazi. Here's a glimpse:

Monday, November 17, 2008

For Our Founding Father Puddy's Birthday

erzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Puddy

- On another note, I almost just chocked on a pretzel. I have never had more empathy for Bush...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Please Caption this Photo:

And notice the dude in the back row (4th in from the left) that is not looking at the camera...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Monica Spewinsky, Portapotty Bush, Joe the Spy, Sara Phalin and the New Republic

Yay. The balance of power has shifted to the Dems again. But why did they lose power in the first place? From 1991 to 2000, the U.S. experienced 37 quarters of economic expansion. The longest period of expansion on record. Why wasn't that enough to maintain the power?

Oh yeah. I remember now. It was the dress. The blue one with the big white stain. The one once worn by a Republican spy who was very clever and crafty with Bill and little Billy. If it wasn't for that dirty rag surfacing from the depths of the Republihell party, Bill would have gotten away with ADULTERY. The public thought, could there be anything worse? There was no way whatsoever that any self respecting Republican could bring himself to vote for Slick Willy's partner Gore after that stunt. No way, no how. Not even if it meant extending the longest period of expansion on record.

By the time the infamous presidential election of 2000 came along, we were a very divided nation. Portapotty Bush ran a dirty campaign. Al Gore appeared more robot than man to the public. It was a very very close election, but Al Gore won. He did it. The prosperity would continue. But wait. More espionage. There were hanging chads, pregnant chads, and other funky chads in Florida. And in the end Portapotty Bush was inaugurated president of the United States of America. The Repblicans out spied the Democrats and they regained power of the most powerful nation on Earth. Of course they had another spy in place, just in case Jeb couldn't come through for his brother. His name is Joe the Spy, AKA Joe Lieberman.

If you take the frost (ber) out of Joe's name, his true identity appears, Joe Lie-Man. Imagine if Joe the Spy had gotten into the white house. I know it's a crazy thought. But just as crazy, this traitor openly supported John McTurd, spread lies about Barack Obama, hoped to become McTurd's running mate, and still holds subpoena power to investigate the Obama administration as chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. McTurd has fully outed Joe the Spy as his hero Cheney had done to one of our CIA operatives. We must strip Joe the Spy from his leadership positions within the Democratic party.

Electing Obama was a huge step for our nation, but there is still a lot of work to do. It is crazy that the Portapotty Bush Administration has not received any real consequences for their heinous crimes against our country, the world, and humanity as a whole. But I guess our electorate does not think that their acts are as bad as lying about adultery. Here are some of the things that we know so far and the current administration has never been impeached. The administration lied about ousting one of our CIA's operatives, mislead the nation to rally support for an unjustified war, implemented a domestic spy program, completely deregulated corporate America, rose our national debt to almost 11 trillion dollars. I'll stop here because there are just so many things. You get the idea. The only good thing that has come out of this is that Sarah Phalin is the new face of the Republihell party.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Whats going on Down Under???

Mixed Aussie signals abound. Much like in the U.S., where equal rights took a step forward with the election of Obama in unison with institutionalized bigotry taking a step forward with the passing of the illegal Prop 8 in California and Amendment 2 in Florida. I've always felt that Americans have more in common with Aussies than any other nationals the world over, with the exception of the maple leaves to our north, of course.

Check Spelling
Today I read that the Aussie government is censoring and blocking the tubes of the Internets. This will interfere with roughly 10,000 objectionable sites.
Being a lover of all things freedom, I underwent painful waves of sadness and depression throughout the entire 24 seconds I read the article highlighted above. Fortunately the sorrow was short lived, and these emotions were substituted by hopeful jubilation and perverted glee.
This is because a resort is planning a month long anything goes orgy the likes of which have not been seen since Rome was ablaze.
Of course I must go an cover this event or I would not be of any value to you--the reader--whom I value very much.
I am fighting to get a room at the White Cockatoo:

Tony Fox, the owner of the resort said he was lifting the self-imposed ban
as "tough economic times call for stiff measures".
HA HA! He said STIFF.
I have already put in for time off in March so please, stay tuned...

*UPDATE* I'm all set. Room for one at the White Cockatoo March 10-15, 2009. They have WiFi. I will be live blogging.

Today, We are all Georgians: John McTurd Redux

I don't feel like discussing the 2012 election. Instead I will focus on campaign 2008, which is still ongoing. As most of you are probably aware, three senate seats are still out there, and the possibility of a 60+ Dem filibuster proof majority is very much alive.

Alaska is looking more and more like a Dem victory each hour. Minnesota has yet to enter an official recount, but Al is gaining, and is only about 200 votes behind with roughly 3,000,000 votes out there that have to be manually recounted.

Then there is Georgia. No, not the country near that country that Palin can see from her bath tub. I'm talking about the province of Georgia in the southeastern United States. 6 years ago (when most Americans thought it was a good idea to support W. and invade sovereign nations that did not attack us) Max Cleland, a triple amputee from the Vietnam War was painted as "palling around with terrorists" by now Senator Chambliss. Check out the ad from 2002:

Now Chambliss is in a run off election for his seat and the following ad, featuring Palin's running mate is being aired. Watch McTurd eat it yet again:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cindy McCain Cheats--John McCain Snores

The Enquirer claims that the spit swapping lady above is none other than the taxidermied princess-bride herself: Cindy McCain. My first guess was that she was cheating with Alaska's first dude, but according to the enquirer, the guy looks more like "a washed up 80's musician" then a washed up 80's musician's roadie. Then I was hoping it would be Donnie Van Zant from .38 Special, but no luck there either.

What a shitty month for McTurd--and it's only the 12th.

First you lose all the credibility you have ever earned by running one of the most dishonest, mean spirited and divisive campaigns of the modern era. Then you lose an election by over 150 electoral votes to a guy that a third of the country thinks has Osama Bin Laden for a biological father. Then you find out your millionaire porcelain wife--with whom you have a signed a prenuptial agreement-- is cheating on you with some second rate Kenny Loggins clone.

Maybe you should just retire like most people your age that still have a pension.

Meet Jules the Robot:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Joe Scarborough says....and funny stuff in AK

Check out the funny stuff in Palin country.

Rubbing it in the Bastards Faces

I know it is counter productive to gloat- but damn it feels great! I still have my 2 Obama yard signs up, the sticker in the window, and both bumper stickers on the car. I want the McBastards to feel like shit every time they see me or my home. I recognize that this is immature, and possibly dangerous. However, after a stolen election in 2000 and the bruit criminality of the entire Bush Presidency, I want them to eat it--early and often.

When should this stop? Any of you in the same boat?

The Visit: Episode I - The Vile and the Brilliant

2012: A Turd Odyssey

For those of you wondering what your going to do with you lives without a presidential election to keep score of, have no fear--the GOP is here!

Turns out that two 2012 hopefuls, Huckabee and Jindal, will be in Iowa this week testing the waters. This makes perfect sense. It is getting dangerously close to President-Elect Obama's inauguration and if the Republicans are going to have any chance in 2012 they should have a nominee ready so they can start the campaign on the right foot.

My friends, let me give you some straight talk: in only two months the Iowa caucuses will be less then 3 years away, and we have to get ready for everything the GOP is going to throw at us. If we are not prepared they will catch us off guard and we will surely end up with a President Palin, Vice-President Troy Aikman, Secritary of State Bobby Bowden, and Wilford Brimley as Fed Chairman. That is not the type of change I can believe in.

We need to stick together. It has almost been a week since Obama won the 2008 election, and in a week, it will be almost 2 weeks, and in two weeks it will be almost three, etc...

If Ozzy has taught us anything, we must know there is No Rest For The Wicked, and we must take him at his word.

Community Organizer

The election hangover still has me woozy. I have random thoughts on the next 4 years. A fantasy wish list that's too good to be true. That the Democratic Party will come up with good ideas that make sense and can finally be enacted. That this war can end quickly with the establishment of a real government in Iraq and the successful snuffing of the real enemy we have let mock us for 7 years (The mightiest military in the world outfoxed by a guy living in a third world country). That this is proof that people are learning that the lessons of hate have slowed the progress of Man for too long. That Green energy is the clear way of the future and Detroit car manufacturers conceive of a new Model T that creates jobs here. That the particle collider at CERN sees some really neat results from their experiments. That America takes the lead on the world stage again despite a failed economy, rising like a great Phoenix from the ashes with an Obama diplomacy tour that is only rivaled by the Bad World Tour.

And all this talk was about experience. And what is a community organizer? And to think that men like Gandhi, MLK and Bob Marley were community organizers. And that they accomplished great things. And that the US Secret Service is much better protection from nutjobs than what these guys had (* Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy not withstanding).

And the GOP who will need years to restore their party is completely torn apart. They are even starting to sound like community organizers.

“You know, if there is a role in national politics, it won’t be so much partisan,” Palin told reporters. “My efforts have always been here in the state of Alaska to get everybody to unite and work together to progress this state … it certainly would be a uniter type of role.”

That's Palin when asked the "what now?" gotcha journalism question on her retreat to Alaska.

It is about time we chose an intelligent and inspirational president. For the first time since 9/11 the world is with us again. Let's move it forward.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Welcome Back...

....your dreams were your ticket out:

In serious conversations among Republicans since their election debacle Tuesday, what name is mentioned most often as the Moses, or Reagan, who could lead them out of the wilderness before 40 years?

To the consternation of many Republicans, it is none other than Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House.

Gingrich is far from a unanimous or even a consensus choice to run for president in 2012, but there is a strong feeling in Republican ranks that he is the only leader of their party who has shown the skill and energy to attempt a comeback quickly.

Even one of his strongest supporters for president in 2012 admits it is a "very risky choice." But Republicans are in a desperate mood after the fiasco of John McCain's seemingly safe candidacy.

Republicans appear chastened by the failure of seeking moderate, independent and even Democratic votes. They are ready to try going back to the "old-time religion."

One Republican critic of Gingrich concedes that he has an "unlimited" energy flow and a constant stream of ideas, an important commodity in a party that appears to have run short of ideas during the Bush years. But there is widespread concern about what is described in the party as deep "character flaws" of Gingrich's that would be difficult to overcome in a presidential campaign.

Nobody in Republican ranks, however, matches Gingrich's dynamism.

The consternation among Republicans is concentrated on McCain's failure to capitalize on Democratic flaws.

It would be a rocky road for Gingrich to the nomination, much less the presidency, but there are no other serious candidates inside the party at the moment.

What's clear is that Republicans are unanimous in trying to avoid a repeat of what happened this year, and there is a surprising consensus that McCain was going in the wrong direction and was the wrong candidate.

What one GOP critic calls Gingrich's "unlimited energy supply" must be overcome by anyone opposing him. Several old Republican hands feel that Gingrich in 2012 is no more outrageous than Ronald Reagan was in 1980.

What is certain is that Gingrich has the desire and the will. He has a deep-seated ambition. He had not even settled into the House speaker's chair in 1995 when he confessed to me his presidential desires for 1996. That was not to be, but he never abandoned the personal dream and is ready to pursue it now.

It looks like there is a battle brewing between Gingrich and Palin Republicans?!? If Obama is able to do what I think he is able to do, and the Republicans keep this nonsense up, the Democrats might be in control for a long, long time. This could be a one way ticket to health care....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fox News Cannibalism

Somebody buy this poor woman a map and a clue for Christmas.

Ummm...Joe the Plumber was on welfare

He hates socialism so much he must partake in it to better understand it. Sadly, Alan Colmes of all people nails him on it. Check it out:

My prediction: Sarah the Palin and Joe the Plumber will make porn vid by 2010. He will really fix her pipes!!! (rim shot)

Take it to the bank, baby.

Chief of Staff

It looks like high ranking Dem Rahm Emanuel is getting the nod to be Obama's Chief of Staff. This should set off plenty of right wing alarms. Not only is Emanuel the son of Jerusalem-born militant Zionist, he also put in a lot of hours during his 5 year stint as a senior advisor to the Clinton administration on helping Israel and Palestine reach the Oslo Accords (whether or not this was a success is debatable). The Fox News fear message of the day is that Obama will surround himself with cronies from his time in Illinois and ostracize Washington. Fox decrying cronyism is like the Pope decrying funny hats. Sure this contradicts the rah rah excitement Sarah Palin brought to the table about being a Washington outsider who would shake things up and give a new look to Washington. But more importantly, it's smoke without a fire. Obama will likely lean on established Washington names to reshape this government to bring us back to being a beacon whose lead the rest of the world follows. I am encouraged that instead of immediately going on vacation and having his vice president elect make all the big decisions as to who he should appoint to serve REALLY IMPORTANT roles in his administration, he has named a known ally with history in the White House to help him make these tough choices. It's not like he's about to name Rev. Wright Secretary of State or put Bill Ayres in charge of FEMA, but who he surrounds himself with now will determine the success of his first term. Emanuel has a reputation for being a hot-head just like Biden is known for being long winded, but this decision makes good sense to me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama will adopt--not buy a dog

I thought this was a great post-election story about our president-elect:

Along with picking his Cabinet, finding just the right people for his White House staff and deciding what to do about two wars, President-elect Barack Obama has one other decision to make: which dog to get for daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7.

In a way, the Obamas already have done the heavy lifting on that one.

After announcing they planned to buy a dog as a reward for their daughters being such good sports about the grueling campaign, animal rights and animal welfare groups started campaigns of their own — for the Obamas to adopt a shelter dog and not buy a dog from a breeder.

PETA's president sent them a letter. Best Friends Animal Society launched a petition drive on the Web site www.obamafamilydog .com that collected 50,000 signatures in just two weeks. The Humane Society of the United States made an appeal.

The American Kennel Club, the registry for purebred dogs, supported the first couple-elect's initial decision to buy a dog from a breeder.

More than 42,000 Americans voted in AKC's poll to determine the right breed of dog. The winner: the poodle, chosen from five hypoallergenic breeds so as not to irritate Malia and Sasha's allergies.

Then the news broke on "Entertainment Tonight" a little over a month ago: Michelle Obama announced the family would, indeed, adopt a rescue dog. The Obama campaign did not return a phone call Wednesday regarding the first pet, but Obama confirmed in his acceptance speech that his girls would get their dog.

The first family-elect has millions of shelter dogs to choose from. Between 6 million and 8 million dogs and cats end up in shelters every year; about half of them have to be euthanized, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

"We are very pleased to hear that President-elect Obama has decided to adopt a puppy from an animal shelter," said Jon Cicirelli, deputy director of the San Jose Animal Care Center. "Our residents can follow his lead and ask themselves if they, too, can make a difference in the life of a homeless animal. We say, 'Yes, you can!

I have adopted 2 great pound dogs. is a great site where you can search for the dog you want by breed. Here is the ad for our pup, Hannah the Dog that we rescued a year and a half ago. Good thing we got her when we did. They were about to sell her to a hunting compound run by Sarah Palin and some helicopter company.

For McPalin and the entire GOP

Yes We Can

My friends, hopefully we have heard McCain and the rest of the hate machine say, "My friends." for the last time. I cried and screamed with glee all night long as the results literally poured in. As McCain said, "The American people have spoken loud and clear." We are on the verge of great things. We need to be strong, united, and give our new leadership the support to bring our nation to greatness once again. We need nothing short of a new New Deal. The modern Republican beast has systematically dismantled the greatness of FDR's legacy. We can rebuild. Yes we can!

This is a huge day for all Americans. It is an extra special day for African Americans and all other groups of people that have ever had their civil rights violated. We can bring fairness, liberty, prosperity, and equal opportunities for pursuit of happiness to all groups of Americans. Yes we can!

I live in Florida. I am revitalized to live in a blue state once again. But I am also sad that my state voted against equal rights for homosexuals. Homosexuals are just one of many groups of people that are still having their civil rights violated. Whether you accept homosexuality or not, this is simply a civil rights issue. This issue is addressed in the original fibers of our nation's blueprints - THE CONSTITUTION. Separation of Church and State. All Men Are Equal. So my fellow Americans, clearly all groups deserve the same rights of humanity, and we can make sure that all of our citizens live free. Yes we can!

In McCain's concession speech he said that he ran a good campaign and he didn't know what more he could have done. Hey Johnny how about you could have talked about what you were planning to DO instead of just fanning the flames of hate. I posted a video clip a couple of weeks ago where McCain corrected a woman at one of his rallies. He informed the lost soul that Obama is not an Arab, he is a decent family man. McCain made it loud and clear that he supports hatred of people from a large section of the world. We can restore America's great melting pot society of acceptance and fairness that originally built this country and excelled it to greatness. Yes we can!

Our voices have been heard. McCain is out. Obama is in. The old way is out. The new way is in. We now have the ability with every election to reshape our nation. We can shape it any way we want. We have the ability to shape with every election. Every issue and candidate from our towns to our cities to our counties to our states to our NATION. We can undo the cumulative horror that the greedy leadership of the GOP has brought to us over the last century. Yes we can!

I'm proud to be an American. We are going to bring our nation back to greatness. YES WE CAN!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Way to go Randall!

Obama wins Ohio!

Hey Bush- Eat It!!!

I called this race for Obama at 8:05 PM EST. Its over, and the Senate may go the way of the Dems. The country is giving Bush the bird, and rightfully so.

For your Festivus needs

The Sarah Palin 2009 calender has arrived!

I wonder what it has listed for Jan 20 when President Obama is being sworn in?

The football Gods have spoken..

The Pittsburgh Steelers' drubbing of the upstart Washington Redskins last night is a good omen. A 'Skins loss all but makes it certain the Dems are taking home the hardware tonight. For those of you who did not catch Obama and McCain at the half last night. Chris Berman asked each candidate identical questions, the first of which being, "As president, what would you change if you could change anything in sports?" McCain, predictably, went the route of attacking steroids. Obama's response was to install an 8 game college football playoff system. He's going to make a FINE president, indeed.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sleep well

Ye- Soon I shall surrender to this evening's slumber. With a pence worth of lady luck's grace, it shall be for the last time in my life without, at a minimum, comprehension of Sen. Obama's ascension to the highest office found in this fair land's pastures. My fellow Americans and fellow Earthlings, savor this evening, for tomorrow may present tumultuous moments, but lest they provide a temporary respite from an outcome nearly certain.

Remember to vote....And remember, whichever way the snake slivers, the end of the Bush reign is nearer with each breath.

And why are folk running ads with that bizarre cleric Wright? It makes me happy to know the McPalin camp is going to finish off that final play that replicates every failed play the Clinton camp ran in the Spring.

Eve of Change

Electoral College Predictions

Electoral College Predictions

11:30 AM EST on Monday, Nov 3, 2008. I have completed my predictions and urge you to submit yours in the comments section. There are several good sites where you can play around with the map, but none where a guy (or gal) can copy and paste the map (that I have been able to find).

That being said, here are my predictions (270 to win):

McPalin: SC, GA, Al, MS, TN, KY,WV,OH,IN,MO,AR,LA,TX,OK,KS,NE,SD,ND,MT,WY,ID,UT,AZ,The state where you can see Russia from your window.

This totals 205 votes.


This total 333 votes.

Some key states: Florida and Ohio will be too close to call most of the night and will go in opposite directions. For this reason it won't be until about 12pm est that this thing is called for Obama, but I hope I am wrong about that.

I just can't see Obama winning in Indiana or West Virginia- for reasons of race. Missouri is where I hold out hope of being surprised.

People under thirty-five, African-Americans, and Latinos are going to put Obama over the top, along with the usual tree hugging folk who voted for Mondale and McGovern.

I think this is a somewhat conservative estimate. Just to put it in perspective, Obama could lose Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado and New Mexico from my projections and still win 271 Electoral votes. I just don't see a viable path for McCain.

What will grow ever more important will be the congress. There, I see the Dems picking up 8 seats in the Senate and 29 in the House. If the Dems are able to get to 60 seats in the Senate then the Republicans will not be able to use the filibuster and thus, Dems will actually be able to get some important things accomplished. Immigration reform, health care, workers rights, etc will all be on the table.
I will have a bottle of Champaign and a bottle of Vodka, just in case.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Executive Experience

Having "so-called" executive experience doesn't mean you are not completely incompetent. Sarah Palin has proven, yet again, that she is a figurehead who gets the vast majority of information she receives from the mouth of some unseen advisor or aide. If there were a machine that could detect and measure common sense, she would not register any reading whatsoever. While recently conducting a radio interview in Montreal (Quebec - zero electoral votes) she was the victim of, what would seem to be, an obvious prank call. It's not so much as she was caught unaware that bothers me. It's that it was carried out with such incredible ease and she was unaware that this was a ruse despite several "red flags." While sympathizers will call this an extreme example of gotcha journalism, I call it evidence that Sarah Palin is a vacant and uninformed twit who is in way over her head. This incident does nothing to shatter my vision of her as a woman who has lived in a self-indulgent bubble for the last 30 years. Listen to this snippet for yourself and explain how this daft creature has any place in the White House. If she's so easily hoodwinked by harmless pranksters, how is she going to stare down the real threats we face in international diplomacy (oh yeah.. under McCain, we won't have diplomacy, just missle strikes)? This isn't going rogue. It's something else.

Saturday, November 1, 2008