Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adopt a Country: The Maldives

The Economist last week (though I just got mineices of in the mail yesterday) published what was perhaps one of the best peices writting I have come across in many a long day. The Maldives need a new home. Check it out:

It’s a buyer’s market in property these days; and, if the Maldivians are looking for an island, Iceland is said to be going cheap. But they may be spoilt for choice: think of all the tiresome bits of territory that other countries would like to offload. The snooty English, for instance, have long disparaged Wales, which they caricature unfairly as being populated mostly by Methodist preachers and disaffected sheep. It might be a challenge to persuade the Maldivians to swap their palm-fringed paradise for Llandudno pier on a wet Sunday afternoon; still, a bit of adroit marketing, focusing on the height of the hills, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins (both sadly no longer resident) might do the trick.

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Michael Hart said...

Man oh man oh man oh man. . .
Blue Water! Blue sky!
And those palms!

And that fish!

Thanks, Sal.