Sunday, November 2, 2008

Executive Experience

Having "so-called" executive experience doesn't mean you are not completely incompetent. Sarah Palin has proven, yet again, that she is a figurehead who gets the vast majority of information she receives from the mouth of some unseen advisor or aide. If there were a machine that could detect and measure common sense, she would not register any reading whatsoever. While recently conducting a radio interview in Montreal (Quebec - zero electoral votes) she was the victim of, what would seem to be, an obvious prank call. It's not so much as she was caught unaware that bothers me. It's that it was carried out with such incredible ease and she was unaware that this was a ruse despite several "red flags." While sympathizers will call this an extreme example of gotcha journalism, I call it evidence that Sarah Palin is a vacant and uninformed twit who is in way over her head. This incident does nothing to shatter my vision of her as a woman who has lived in a self-indulgent bubble for the last 30 years. Listen to this snippet for yourself and explain how this daft creature has any place in the White House. If she's so easily hoodwinked by harmless pranksters, how is she going to stare down the real threats we face in international diplomacy (oh yeah.. under McCain, we won't have diplomacy, just missle strikes)? This isn't going rogue. It's something else.


Comrade Kevin said...


themom said...

oh holy crap!! when i first heard the "prank", I kept saying "when is she going to 'get it'?" What a fu**ing moron!

Michael Hart said...

I came by my brain damage honestly, through years of abuse; what the fuck is her excuse??


OHhhh! HellLOW God!! It's So GOOD TO HEAR YOU, Thank you for calling us!!! ME!! We have such great respect for you, John McCain and I!! WE LOVE YOU!! It's SOOO GRREAYT TO HEAR YUR VOICE FINALLY!!


alzaido alzaido said...

I don't know if they were really talking to Phailin. It sounded a lot like Tina Fey.

alzaido alzaido said...

I just watched an interview with these pranksters on CBS. The duo has done several high profile prank calls. They went on to explain that by the end of the calls, all prankies new that they were being joked except for two - Brittany Spears and Sarah Phailin. Reaching Phailin only took a few days. The only one that took less time was Brittany Spears. It took them months to reach Paul McCartney.