Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Food Chain

I typically loathe reality tv. But I really got caught up on this new show that has an environmentally conscious message.

Japan has had a long history of killing whales for profit. Even though commercial whaling has been outlawed for over 20 years, Japan continues to kill whales by using loopholes which justify its practice. And who's to stop them from trolling frigid Antarctic waters seeking their blubbery prize? The US government? Only if they could find oil fields at the bottom of the frozen sea.

No, this task is left to treehuggers with little to no experience. Which is why I fear I may be hooked on Animal Planet's: Whale Wars. While Captain (and conservationist) Paul Watson has been fighting this battle for 30 years, much of the crew signed on because their environmentally aware guilt led them here. Some of them are clearly in over their head. While I am truly interested in this cause (because if the whales go, all life in the ocean could die, and if the ocean dies, we're next), I am finding myself fascinated with these bleeding heart renegades and their realization that they are not going back to port any time soon. The "seemed like a good idea at the time" epiphanies are true reality tv entertainment in it's basest form. This show carries a powerful message and is far grittier than say, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. Please take the time to check it out or risk being labeled a whale hating nazi. Here's a glimpse:


Randal Graves said...

I only wish the whales were bigger so that they could knock the whaling vessels to the bottom of the briny deep and the viper fish and other nasties could feast on the flesh of those wankers.

Kup said...

I'm with Randal. I gotta give the whale hunter's hunters credit. At least they have gotten off their asses.

alzaido alzaido said...

Has Star Trek 4 taught these hunters nothing? I agree Dick, removing top predators from the world's largest ecosystem is a very dangerous game. People do a lot of things to damage our environment with seemingly no affect on day to day life. But what is the cumulative effect of changing our atmosphere's composition and altering every food web on the planet?

I wish the people in the commercial that you posted knew their facts better. One dude called whales a species. There are actually many species of whales. They are as like to each other as people resemble Chimps. And for that matter, they are as different as different species of apes from one another.