Monday, November 10, 2008

2012: A Turd Odyssey

For those of you wondering what your going to do with you lives without a presidential election to keep score of, have no fear--the GOP is here!

Turns out that two 2012 hopefuls, Huckabee and Jindal, will be in Iowa this week testing the waters. This makes perfect sense. It is getting dangerously close to President-Elect Obama's inauguration and if the Republicans are going to have any chance in 2012 they should have a nominee ready so they can start the campaign on the right foot.

My friends, let me give you some straight talk: in only two months the Iowa caucuses will be less then 3 years away, and we have to get ready for everything the GOP is going to throw at us. If we are not prepared they will catch us off guard and we will surely end up with a President Palin, Vice-President Troy Aikman, Secritary of State Bobby Bowden, and Wilford Brimley as Fed Chairman. That is not the type of change I can believe in.

We need to stick together. It has almost been a week since Obama won the 2008 election, and in a week, it will be almost 2 weeks, and in two weeks it will be almost three, etc...

If Ozzy has taught us anything, we must know there is No Rest For The Wicked, and we must take him at his word.


Comrade Kevin said...

I guess they're going to start the election cycle even earlier now, huh? This damn thing creeps up on us like Christmas---a week earlier than last year.

Kup said...

Comrade- I am with you on these things coming earlier and earlier each year. There should be an offical start date for these type of things.

Mauigirl said...

Someone, please stop them before they campaign's TOO SOON to be thinking about any of this!!! Give Obama a chance to do his job!