Monday, November 10, 2008

Community Organizer

The election hangover still has me woozy. I have random thoughts on the next 4 years. A fantasy wish list that's too good to be true. That the Democratic Party will come up with good ideas that make sense and can finally be enacted. That this war can end quickly with the establishment of a real government in Iraq and the successful snuffing of the real enemy we have let mock us for 7 years (The mightiest military in the world outfoxed by a guy living in a third world country). That this is proof that people are learning that the lessons of hate have slowed the progress of Man for too long. That Green energy is the clear way of the future and Detroit car manufacturers conceive of a new Model T that creates jobs here. That the particle collider at CERN sees some really neat results from their experiments. That America takes the lead on the world stage again despite a failed economy, rising like a great Phoenix from the ashes with an Obama diplomacy tour that is only rivaled by the Bad World Tour.

And all this talk was about experience. And what is a community organizer? And to think that men like Gandhi, MLK and Bob Marley were community organizers. And that they accomplished great things. And that the US Secret Service is much better protection from nutjobs than what these guys had (* Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy not withstanding).

And the GOP who will need years to restore their party is completely torn apart. They are even starting to sound like community organizers.

“You know, if there is a role in national politics, it won’t be so much partisan,” Palin told reporters. “My efforts have always been here in the state of Alaska to get everybody to unite and work together to progress this state … it certainly would be a uniter type of role.”

That's Palin when asked the "what now?" gotcha journalism question on her retreat to Alaska.

It is about time we chose an intelligent and inspirational president. For the first time since 9/11 the world is with us again. Let's move it forward.

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Kup said...

Good points Dick. For the first time in my adult life I am more than 90% confident in my president (or will be come January 20th). I think that Obama might be a once in a lifetime kind of leader, and after living in the toliet for 8 years, we really need him. Or maybe we just need Joe the....fuck it, I won't mention that bald turd.

Whats the word on the collider at CERN. Will it void the world or what?