Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The football Gods have spoken..

The Pittsburgh Steelers' drubbing of the upstart Washington Redskins last night is a good omen. A 'Skins loss all but makes it certain the Dems are taking home the hardware tonight. For those of you who did not catch Obama and McCain at the half last night. Chris Berman asked each candidate identical questions, the first of which being, "As president, what would you change if you could change anything in sports?" McCain, predictably, went the route of attacking steroids. Obama's response was to install an 8 game college football playoff system. He's going to make a FINE president, indeed.


Kup said...

I don't know what to make of this correlation. I would feel better about it if the pattern held through the last election. But 17/18 ain't bad, and that might mean the Dems are due?

While I support a 16 team NCAA tourney (mostly because I am a degenerate gambler at heart) I would be more than happy with an 8 game series. Go Noles...Gator suck.

Unknown said...

I liked Obama's idea too.

In case there is a god..God, please...don't let McDesperate win tonight..