Tuesday, November 23, 2010

c-span jumps the shark - koreas agree to end the world

i watch c-span washington journal in the mornings... people call in and say stupid things on air. today's topic: "Who should have more influence over policy: President Obama or the tea party movement?"


i take it all back. msnbc and fox news have all the answers. john boehner is good. meghan mccain is clever.

less importantly... we're doomed, the koreas have decided to terminate all human life. i have a dog, and i feel bad that his life will be cut short by global thermonuclear war, but i am not responsible for his birth and so my thoughts go out to those with human children. the house plants will be fine. leave some extra food out for the cat.

Friday, November 12, 2010

white house gives in to anti-abolitionists

shortly after signing the bill that repeals the ban on slavery, obama was led off in chains singing "swing low."

so says ariana huffington.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

it just got worse.

i just read this garbage on cnn: the new reality tv show on E! - bridalplasty

that picture makes me want to puke. the fact that the show exists makes me want to gouge my own eyes out. that i even bother to read cnn.com makes me realize that i deserve to live on the same planet with these people.

when will they create the show, "make my morning commute faster" in which you get a bazooka and one round to fire off on your way to work in the morning. whoever manages to clear the right-hand lane has immunity on next week's show.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bloomberg, Hubris, and That Pesky Third Term

In 2008, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg convinced the city council to bend the law in his
favor. He was able to get the city council to pass a law allowing a three-term maximum for incumbent
mayors where there had previously been a two-term limit. 2008 was a desperate time, with Wall Street
crumbling and the economy in dire straights.

He persuaded the council to extend the limit so that he could run again and let the people decide if they
wanted him to continue navigating them through the treacherous waters of recession. Many felt that
Bloomberg's expertise in the financial sector would be a boon, and that to change leadership at such a
pressing time would only further exacerbate the problem, and so he was elected for a third time.

Now, as his third term is winding down, Mayor Bloomberg wants to change the law back to the way it
is was. Two terms for everybody else but he, who would go down as the city's last three-term mayor in
history. A spokesman for the mayor said, "Bloomberg supported three terms only for himself because
the situation was extraordinary." This after being a staunch of opponent of expanding term limits, even
going so far as to call council members proposing a vote for an extra term "disgraceful."

Bloomberg claims he was persuaded otherwise once aware of the gravity of this "extraordinary"
situation, but now, he wants to revoke the privilege for all his successors to come. This is a blatant
example of political arrogance, one that will allow Bloomberg to own his claim as the last three-term
mayor in the city's history.

It is like a child retiring on the playground as "king of the mountain" so others cannot be king
themselves; Bloomberg wants the distinction all to himself. He has bent the law to massage his ego
already, and now is bending it back to where it was to secure his place in history. I'm sure he likes the
ring of it: "New York's last three-term Mayor, Michael Bloomberg." He will presumably relish in his
title until another extraordinary time, with another extraordinary leader able to play the city council to
his or her advantage. Or maybe, just maybe, lawmakers will wise up before then.

Edward Stern, Guest Blogger

Friday, November 5, 2010


despite boehner's lofty claims, the unemployment rate remains at 9.6% and the congressional disapproval rate is a whopping 74%. what has this guy been doing? boehner should do the right thing and return his salary to the taxpayers that have yet to so see any of his promises come to fruition. it's clear that this man has no idea what he's doing.