Monday, February 8, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

I got a photo from the Tea Bag Party

Dig the photo I took:

the cyclonic perpetual emotion machine

gawker has a nice breakdown of what o'reilly edited out of his john stewart interview.

it's amazing to me how stewart can just demolish people.

see what you can do when you actually give a shit about what you're saying?

o'reilly's people followed up the interview by posting their response on the fox website... that's right, fox news posted o'reilly's rebuttal online since the geek wasn't able to think for himself.

among the retard mess of brain-vommit:

For 13 years, liberal America has been frustrated with Fox News because we are the first TV news operation in history that actually gives conservatives and traditional Americans a voice. I mean, look at the roster: Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Bill Moyers, Ted Koppel, Tom Brokaw, all lean left, and these are the biggest names in broadcast journalism history.

they invoke the most prestigious names of an industry they claim to be a part of... then indicate that their betters lean left.

doesn't that say something about fox news?

"here are the most prolific names in our industry... and none of them agree with our ideology."

i heard somebody compare fox to professional wrestling.

that's too kind.

the fuckers should be compared to joseph goebbels.

the trouble is, goebbels held his job for twelve years before killing himself.

in their 13th year, fox news has yet to fulfill their obligation.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

best. campaign. ad. ever.

carly fiorina released this attack ad against her gop adversary, tom campbell.

please... if you ever watch anything i post on this blog, you have to watch this.

the drugs really kick in at 2:25...


the lessons:
1) all republicans are sheep.
2) tom campbell... the satan sheep.
3) carly fiorina will do anything to win a bet.

a belated BAD...

we really shit the bed here... late for the party as usual.

well, the story goes that Blogroll Amnesty Day, typically celebrated exactly one day prior to whenever you see it mentioned on this blog, is our little "fuck you" to those fancy big-city blogs that refuse to link us little independent bloggers. even if it's not intended to be a "fuck you," i'm taking this opportunity to say "fuck you" cuz that's how we do...

so, the gig is that we're supposed to link to other small blogs... smaller than ourselves. well, i'm not sure who's small or who's smaller, so i'm just gonna thank my man Busted Knuckles over at Ornery Bastard for dropping our name, as well as Blue Gal who's always had our back, and name a few of you that have made our blog a little less lonely over the past year or so...

here goes:

first up is Shaw Kenawe's blog, Progressive Eruptions. Shaw had a rough year, but is back and kicking ass...

Comrade Kevin's Chrestomathy will scratch yer itch as will Kelly W. Patterson over at EYEAM4ANARCHY and SagaciousHillbilly.

lately this blog has been brightened up by ((Hugs)) from Sunshine who blogs at Sunshine's Hangout and Suzan from Welcome to Pottersville 2.

i gotta mention Sue's totally kickass blog, Helloooo...... Mr. President, are you listening??

and of course, libhom from Godless Liberal Homo is a great blogger and a valuable member of the blogging community.

gotta shoutout to my personal favorite blogger/writer: Randall over at Lennui Melodieux (sorry to play favorites, but those of you who know Randall know what i'm talking about... and those of you who don't, should...) and of course Tengrain from Mock, Paper, Scissors has the sizzle AND the steak.

there are more... and i'll feel like a dick for not having linked them... but i'll be back at lunchtime to right my wrongs...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

fuck you, phil

the answer is "no."

no, i don't think that i am doing this blog any service by having such abrupt profanity in a posting-title. and while i'm aware of the adolescent persona this blog is burdened with due to such childish parlance and my near complete abandonment of capitalization, i'll be damned if i'm going to let some glandular rat determine the length of winter... or anything for that matter.

maybe punxatawny phil is really just the government's way of deflecting osama bin laden's insight into america's control over the climate.


the important thing here is that feb. 2nd always reminds me of how much the movie groundhog's day rules.

and today is my parents' 41st wedding anniversary. they don't read this blog... but i shout-out nonetheless.

and for the record... it's you people who live in the snow-infested parts of this country that are really getting the raw deal when we let a rodent so smugly hand us 6 more weeks of winter. i live in los angeles. it's always beautiful here.

rise up america. rise up.