Friday, February 5, 2010

the cyclonic perpetual emotion machine

gawker has a nice breakdown of what o'reilly edited out of his john stewart interview.

it's amazing to me how stewart can just demolish people.

see what you can do when you actually give a shit about what you're saying?

o'reilly's people followed up the interview by posting their response on the fox website... that's right, fox news posted o'reilly's rebuttal online since the geek wasn't able to think for himself.

among the retard mess of brain-vommit:

For 13 years, liberal America has been frustrated with Fox News because we are the first TV news operation in history that actually gives conservatives and traditional Americans a voice. I mean, look at the roster: Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Bill Moyers, Ted Koppel, Tom Brokaw, all lean left, and these are the biggest names in broadcast journalism history.

they invoke the most prestigious names of an industry they claim to be a part of... then indicate that their betters lean left.

doesn't that say something about fox news?

"here are the most prolific names in our industry... and none of them agree with our ideology."

i heard somebody compare fox to professional wrestling.

that's too kind.

the fuckers should be compared to joseph goebbels.

the trouble is, goebbels held his job for twelve years before killing himself.

in their 13th year, fox news has yet to fulfill their obligation.

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Randal Graves said...

Are you saying that O'Reilly is a douchebag?