Thursday, February 4, 2010

best. campaign. ad. ever.

carly fiorina released this attack ad against her gop adversary, tom campbell.

please... if you ever watch anything i post on this blog, you have to watch this.

the drugs really kick in at 2:25...


the lessons:
1) all republicans are sheep.
2) tom campbell... the satan sheep.
3) carly fiorina will do anything to win a bet.


libhom said...

If they made the rich pay their fair share in taxes, all these deficits in state budgets would vanish.

finefroghair said...

not baaad but typical waste of time not one viable solution is even tendered I hope Cali keeps slipping deeper in the morass till that fucking state slides off into the Pacific Ocean they get what they deserve from the richest state in the US to the poorest tax your rich fuckers you stupid dumbasses

Kup said...

Good thing I'm watching this on the toilet...

Kulkuri said...

California's problem is Prop. 13. Not only did it cut taxes way back when, it also requires such a super majority to raise taxes that it is impossible to raise taxes on most things, therefore all these user fees and other ways of raising money.

I agree with libhom and finefroghair.