Tuesday, February 2, 2010

fuck you, phil

the answer is "no."

no, i don't think that i am doing this blog any service by having such abrupt profanity in a posting-title. and while i'm aware of the adolescent persona this blog is burdened with due to such childish parlance and my near complete abandonment of capitalization, i'll be damned if i'm going to let some glandular rat determine the length of winter... or anything for that matter.

maybe punxatawny phil is really just the government's way of deflecting osama bin laden's insight into america's control over the climate.


the important thing here is that feb. 2nd always reminds me of how much the movie groundhog's day rules.

and today is my parents' 41st wedding anniversary. they don't read this blog... but i shout-out nonetheless.

and for the record... it's you people who live in the snow-infested parts of this country that are really getting the raw deal when we let a rodent so smugly hand us 6 more weeks of winter. i live in los angeles. it's always beautiful here.

rise up america. rise up.


Sue said...

so, are you bragging about living in beautiful LA while I sit here in NJ with snow on the ground and more coming tonight? Thats OK, I like snow and I like having 4 seasons. I never could understand why ground hogs day is Feb. 2nd. For us in the North it doesn't matter if phil saw his shadow or not, we still have 2 more months of winter! The whole phil thing is a farce! :-)

Laura said...

Haha! You prick you!!! ;P
Well... I live in Canada. The snow belt of Ontario to be exact. No matter what.. I get 6 more weeks of winter. Even if the groundhog (or houndgrog as I used to call them as a child) says early Spring.

I liked that movie Groundhog day as well. I love Bill Murry.:)

Happy Anniversary to your parents! 41 years seems like a long time until I remember that I will be 41 this year.... sigh. That kind of sucks eh??
Anyhow.. again, congratulations to them. :)


puddy said...

sue - i do miss the seasons... my wife doesn't understand. she is a native floridian and could never understand what the first days of autumn or spring are like. we may have to rectify the situation...

sunshine - mmmmmm... houndgrog stew... 41 aint so bad at all... there are 21 years olds that waste it. just enjoy it. age is meaningless.

Cirze said...

General Beauregard Lee in Atlanta (the ruling Southern groundhog) didn't see its shadow.

Yay! Early spring!

Snowbound in N.C.


libhom said...

Staten Island Chuck, the great hero of the Island who bit Michael Bloomberg, disagrees with Phil's forecast.