Thursday, November 13, 2008

Whats going on Down Under???

Mixed Aussie signals abound. Much like in the U.S., where equal rights took a step forward with the election of Obama in unison with institutionalized bigotry taking a step forward with the passing of the illegal Prop 8 in California and Amendment 2 in Florida. I've always felt that Americans have more in common with Aussies than any other nationals the world over, with the exception of the maple leaves to our north, of course.

Check Spelling
Today I read that the Aussie government is censoring and blocking the tubes of the Internets. This will interfere with roughly 10,000 objectionable sites.
Being a lover of all things freedom, I underwent painful waves of sadness and depression throughout the entire 24 seconds I read the article highlighted above. Fortunately the sorrow was short lived, and these emotions were substituted by hopeful jubilation and perverted glee.
This is because a resort is planning a month long anything goes orgy the likes of which have not been seen since Rome was ablaze.
Of course I must go an cover this event or I would not be of any value to you--the reader--whom I value very much.
I am fighting to get a room at the White Cockatoo:

Tony Fox, the owner of the resort said he was lifting the self-imposed ban
as "tough economic times call for stiff measures".
HA HA! He said STIFF.
I have already put in for time off in March so please, stay tuned...

*UPDATE* I'm all set. Room for one at the White Cockatoo March 10-15, 2009. They have WiFi. I will be live blogging.


Comrade Kevin said...

Reserve me a slot, too. I haven't experienced a good orgy in like, forever.

And I do mean forever.

Randal Graves said...

As long as Paul Hogan doesn't show up.