Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As the Taliban Turns

On September 12th, 2001 I had a strong suspicion that the US military was going to take out the Taliban in Afghanistan and smoke out Osama bin Laden who was the catalyst for the 9/11 attacks. Well, we kinda sorta took out the Taliban for a while and installed Hamid Karzai (Sarah Palin's BFF as a certain photo op would lead you to believe) as a figurehead for the new government we could create the illusion of controlling. After we outsourced bin Laden's capture at Tora Bora (a miserable failure), we turned the bulk of our attention to the real enemy (?) Saddam Hussein. Even with Hussein caught and executed, we are spending most of our time and money in Iraq, for obvious reasons. Well, fret not, true patriotic Americans (barf). We're going back in! Well not, really. We're just spending money to fund miltants who don't like the Taliban (because they fuck with their heroin and marijuana trafficking). Unfortunately, about 75% of Afghanistan, especially the rugged and remote parts of the country, are subject to the Taliban and their brutal interpretation of Shariah Law. A hot topic at home now as well with AIG under the bailout microscope for promoting Shariah Law as an incentive for policy holders. While you may have missed some of the recent highlights the Taliban has carried out, like paying people to throw acid on young women who have the audacity to attend school in Kabul or attacking NATO supply convoys, the fact remains, they are an entity we absolutely must contend with. At some point, at least. As always, please take the time to visit www.rawa.org for the straight poop on how good dogs and livestock have it in Afghanistan. And stay tuned. The bullshit machine is just getting warm and W still has a few more weeks to screw things up even more.

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libhom said...

Afghanistan represents a huge failure for the Bush regime and our entire political class.