Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran protest mashup...

just trying to compile some of the information I've seen into one place. we'll continue to update as we find more...

Ahmadinejad's blog is loading very slowly... but there is some really interesting stuff there if you have the patience. The right-hand column contains comments from his supporters - either cherry picked from the actual comments he's receiving or completely contrived and fictional. For example:

Greetings Your Excellency I see that the American Military is playing the Lets Blame Iran game. Iran is apparently the reason why things are so bad in Iraq. Do the Americans think that we are all crazy and will believe their continuous lies. Will it ever end.

Dear and honorable president my lasts comments not was pubblied and i admire you why this? Are messages too much for show all? Long life to you and Iran and all country that no like death but life.

Crowds apparently chanting "Marg Bar Khameini" (death to Khameini) shows the shift from violent protest to all out uprising:

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