Wednesday, August 3, 2011

is anybody keeping score?

once again the fearful little tea party members - not one of which, by the way, actually knows how to party - had it all wrong. america has kept it's aaa rating. and so we wonder, why do we enable these fear-horders? the gun-toters of the world will always project their inner fears onto us and it is up to us to help them. by leveraging our super-hero-like powers of intelligence, sanity, and fashion, we can steer this country clear of the right-wing roadblocks that seem to confound even john boehner. they'll destroy this country's healthcare, education, and infrastructure if we let them, and they'll risk their own hides to do it.

unfortunately, while the tea party has its irrational fears (foreigners, economic equality, falling sky) our liberal leadership fears something far more ethereal: voter approval.

what good are our ideals if they don't get us elected?

what good are our elected if they don't execute their ideals?

on another note: show me a conservative that has good taste in music and i'll show you a liberal that drives an american car.

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SagaciousHillbilly said...

then they can blame it all on the blacks and their black president. Last week a teabagger called the PResident of the United States a "tar baby." This week he was called "boy." Funny how the Amurkkkin people don't seem to care that their president is being called vile obscene racist names by politicians and members of the press.
Where is the public outrage?