Monday, October 29, 2012

ROMNEY WILL WIN! (or lose)

There is a big hurricane out there, but you probably know that. The photo above was the fourth picture that appeared when I searched "Hurricane Shit" in Google Images. My mom used to tell me that my room looks like a hurricane hit when I was a kid. She was right. Not coincidentally, she still tells me that when I come to visit, and she is still right.

That being said, I fear the impact of this storm on the residents being impacted by it. Furthermore, I also fear the possibility of a Romney victory. While I am confident that our current President will still be our President when the sun sets January 20th, 2012, I am less confident than I would like to be, and as a consequence  I think I am going to take to blogging my experience as an overly anxious man that prefers our country does not turn back to the policies of France prior to the Revolution of 1789.

I don't know why Romney does not just decide to come out and say, "I will fuck you, but I am white, and you like that."

Or has he?

I don't know. And today there are bigger concerns of an immediate nature. But if you are too lazy to drag leaders into the streets and cut of their heads for years on end, then please vote Obama next week (or sooner) so that we don't have to do that.

I leave you with this:

Your Baby is Dead!...That's what you'd hear if your Baby fell victim to the thousands of Death Traps Lurking in the Average American Home.
―Baby-Proofing Saleswoman

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