Saturday, June 5, 2010

The World Loves Oil and Hates Jews

I hate to say it, but the right is at least partially, well, right on this one. Helen Thomas, aka C.M.C.F. (catcher mitt cunt face) said that the Jews should leave Palestine and go back to the warm, loving bosom of Germany and Poland, where her grandchildren's generation helped gas (amongst other things) 6 million Jews. The Palestinian people, who like the Israeli's, have a legitimate claim to the territory. Many sincere grievances. However, they also do as the Israelis and often act as their own worst enemy. Sure, they had nothing to do with the atrocities of WWII. The champion of the anti-Israel movement, the great president of Iran and champion of democracy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, frequently makes this point. However, the misguided obsession with the Palestinian cause for so many is subliminal antisemitism. There is no way around it.

I often hear, "I am not an anti-Semite, but...." This is the same as a white person saying "I don't have anything against black people, but..." "I don't have anything against Mexicans, but..." "I don't have anything against catcher mitt cunt faces but..."

Like so many things, the truth is in the but.

Lets be fair. Any objective individual that has studied the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must admit that there is a good deal of blame to go around. The Jews, Arabs, Americans, Brits, and others all hold a share of the blame here. By any objective standard, the Palestinians, like the Israelis, sometimes act like unconscionable barbarians. They are not always the victim. When you hide behind a group like Hamas, you are not a helpless victim, you are a party to your own destruction. The people of Palestine are not all innocent. The only lens that allows for such a delusional justification of this absurd paradigm (by those that claim to respect human rights and support toleration) is subliminal antisemitism (if not overt).

Why not focus more attention of the atrocities occurring in Sudan? What about the cause in Tibet? Or the persecuted minority of thinking people in the U.S.? These causes deserve attention, too. The parties involved are far more innocent then the Palestinians. And why not challenge the blockade of Gaza in Egypt? They don't trust Hamas, either.

And to the turd from a "human rights" group that claimed on XM's POTUS that the people on these flotilla's (whose core purpose I still fundamentally support) were acting as Dr. King did in the Southern U.S.--go fuck CMCF!

I saw more violence in the 10 second video released in the Israeli Government's propaganda piece of the siege Dr. King ever would have supported. Go read the Letter from a Birmingham Jail and shut the fuck up.

These anti-Semitic turds are turning attention away from what should be the biggest story for the left since the civil rights movement--the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. If there was ever a story where the left had the moral and intellectual high ground in every aspect of a story, it is this one. The need for less reliance on private sector solutions to large problems, the need for more government regulations, the environment, the need for alternative energy, etc... Its all here--and the left is all correct. But some can't help themselves. Instead of uniting behind this enormous issue, which is literally killing our planet in real time, these bastards are too controlled by their antisemitism that they must take attention away from what might be the biggest story of our lives (and the biggest for CMCF since the American Civil War) to defend the bomb throwers in Gaza. Ironically, they are fighting a fight that is helping the criminal regime in Iran which is sustained by oil money. And we come full circle.

The world loves oil and hates Jews.

The sad thing is I really liked Helen Thomas until yesterday. I haven't felt this betrayed by someone I have never met since OJ.


Randal Graves said...

The reason there's an obsession for many Americans is that we're paying for it with our tax dollars. Whatever crap spews out of Helen Thomas' or Ari Fleischer's mouths is merely another in a long line of red herrings.

Israel, the nation, can go fuck herself. And you're smart enough to know that isn't antisemitism, nor is it an invitation for Hamas to come over for beers and brats.

Kup said...

Fair enough. I am not stranger of being critical towards Israel. Being critical of Israel in of itself is not antisemitism. However, going after Israel above and beyond all else, and in a vacuum probably is. For example, Egypt has received roughly 35 billion in US Aid since the Camp David Accords of 79, and yet, I rarely hear any criticism of their treatment toward the Palestinians, which is by no means humane.

libhom said...

The facts are that Israel is an apartheid regime guilty of ethnic cleansing against the indigenous people of Palestine.

As for the terrorist attack by the Israeli government, you also have to remember the fact that the IDF opened fire on the people on the Gaza flotilla before there was any response by the passengers to defend themselves.

Being against the Israeli regime is no different than being against the apartheid regime in South Africa. As someone who has Cherokee and Iroquois ancestors, I take Israel's treatment of indigenous people rather personally.

Being against the actions of Israel is based on the same motivations as opposition to the racist laws being passed in Arizona. It's all about being against racist oppression of indigenous peoples.

Kup said...

Fact- The world is flat. I looked out on the beach the other day and saw the edge of it myself.

Fact- Water is dry.

Fact- All even numbers are also odd.

Fact- You are a racist whether you admit it or not.

Fact- You have no idea what the facts are, you have clearly not studied this issue, and you sound as silly as the people that call Obama a socialist.