Wednesday, July 14, 2010

stupid, racist people

tea party-goers racist? does it really matter? these party offshoots are like coffee filters. the grinds stay in the basket while the juicy brown sludge drips down into the carafe, eagerly consumed, creating nervousness and mayhem. i fucking love coffee, but i'm better off without it. the tea baggers are the howard sterns of their party - they fully intend on pissing you off. but they're also inadvertently getting unelectable schmucks nominated, fucking the republican party in the ass, and turning an already out-of-touch party into a professional wrestling bout. and, fittingly, professional wrestling is about as passé as the brainlessness of conservative politics.

but are they racist? you betcha! but come on people - the pope is a fucking pedophile nazi. these are weird times.

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