Tuesday, October 19, 2010

harry reid is quite possibly the only person that could ever lose an election to sharron angle... and other desultory philippics.

word has it that harry reid is attending this year's congressional halloween party as a ghost. the man is ethereal. you'd think this physiology would have made him a good boxer, but apparently victory has to be a desirable state to the contender. his farts have more substance than his physical presence. a strong breeze would go out of it's way to ignore him... had it noticed him at all. once a tree was going to fall in the forest before thinking of harry reid and sighing, "aw, fuck it." and so, sharron angle, another of the gop's intellectual villains, is leading in the polls.

justin beiber beat somebody up. maybe it was reid.

why is pot a national obsession now? when i was a kid you quietly and illegally scored your weed from a prog-rocker in a mitsubishi. that seems so much more of an adult perspective than all the hooey going around today. robin williams said, "you are either a smoker or a non-smoker. figure out which one you are and BE THAT." i think that advice applies somehow.


Pierre V. Ross said...

to say "other" desultory philippics seems to me to be redundant, krep. Unless, of course, there are several philippics, each one being desultory.

puddy said...

good comment pierre.