Thursday, June 23, 2011

living in america

not too far from where i'm holed up here in north cackalacky, an unemployed, debt-ridden 59 year old gentleman by the name of Richard James Verone held up a bank for $1.00... and prison healthcare. his only other option was to run for congress.

this orwellian nightmare is getting weirder.

appropriately, the wife-like-substance and i watched repo men last night. not the greatest movie ever made but it manages to make some pretty interesting observations about our healthcare system, debt-based economy, mortgage industry, and the general social-awareness of the people we call our fellow citizens.

originality: C+ (hints of 1984, minority report, blade runner, and muppets take manhattan)
acting: B+ (a full grade higher due to forest whitaker's performance)
directing: C (it's like blade runner if it were made in the 90s)
gore: B- (vampire porn... lot's of blood)
relevance: A (unfortunately)

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