Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i was bummed out about weiner and his weiner for about 47 seconds. then i realized that he's still one of the best congressmen we have. if fuckbags like david vitter can keep their jobs then weiner and his weiner need to hang in their and serve his/their constituency.

but i've been bummed out about a lot lately. the wife-like-substance and i just watched three movies in three nights: capitalism a love story, too big to fail, and maxed out. so bummed. do this only if you miss those hormonal days of youth when you still felt things. except instead of writing mean notes to some girl in your 3 period math class, you'll want to enroll in french lessons and buy a beret. (on a different topic - only prince could get away with writing raspberry beret. seriously. great song but wtf was that? i appreciate the fact that he can write a song about any old arbitrary subject but it leads me to wonder if he actually wrote the chili's baby back ribs theme song too.)

if you similarly find yourself in the pit of despair - watch the following to lift you from the doldrums of 21st century americ-aint:

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