Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Don't ruin Christmas, lefty...

A Washington based artist will have an ornament hanging from the White House Christmas tree. Artist Deborah Lawrence used this as an opportune moment to point out that Bush is a criminal that should have been impeached and imprisoned long ago. This point is further exemplified by the fact that the ball will still hang from the true, showing again how inept this administration is, right down to the Jesus sapling!

The worst part is Ms. Lawrence's actions have made some people sad:

Sally McDonough, the first lady's press secretary, said yesterday that hundreds
of ornaments were submitted for display and there were no plans to pull
Lawrence's artwork or her invitation. But, she said, "it really is too bad. I
haven't seen the ornament, but I would hope that no one would take this as an
opportunity to be divisive and partisan. There is a time and place for
everything, and I don't think this is either."


Michael Hart said...

"...divisive and partisan"??
Sally, you ignorant fuck.
What is "partisan" about justice?
"...divisive"?? If Teh Stoopid can't get behind the laws of our land, then as they are wont to say, "Love it or Leave it," imbeciles. Just get the fuck out.

Civil government is founded on justice. And the endurance of any nation depends on the impartiality, fairness, and integrity of its courts for justice. Punishing the guilty is just as important as acquiting the innocent.

Bush and Cheney should be executed for betrayal of governmental trust; too bad it's not a capital offense-- yet.

Randal Graves said...

"The time and place for divisiveness and partisanship is when we are in charge, dammit."

Comrade Kevin said...

It's a nice thought, but Bush will escape back to Crawford. It's damned difficult to impeach a President and even harder to convict him.

Mr. Natural said...

I'm on the bus with Michael up there. Leave the cocksuckers dead and dying in the street in front of their fucking MOTHERS' houses as they have left so goddamned many before them! FUCK EM - RUMMY AND THE REST OF EM TOO!