Friday, March 27, 2009

The Friday Top 5!!!!!!

So, what do we have... like 5 people gracious enough to occasionally visit our blog at this point?


Let's start a new game that we'll swear to play every week and then either forget or realize it's stupid and never repeat...

The Friday Top 5!!!!!!

Here's the scoop... we, and by "we" I mean "me" or "me and Sal" whenever "Sal" remembers that he has a blog, provide the topic. Over the weekend we collect responses to the Top 5!!!!!! in the form of a comment thread and publish the best 5 of them (if we can gather 5 responses) to our completely ridiculous, takes a year to load, TGI Fridays-style right-hand column on Monday.

Therefore, The Friday Top 5!!!!!! is actually published on Monday which is totally fucking weird... but who gives a shit, nobody reads this blog anyway.

(My apologies to Shaw, Kevin, Randal and apparently the occasional Blue Gal)

The idea is to generate conversation about the week's events in as cynical and snarky a way possible.

I'm not usually a "joiner" and have rarely been a "starter"... but fuck it, right?

This week's Friday Top 5!!!!!! topic:

My favorite thing about the Republican party is:

Two years ago it would have been much more fun to have done this about the dems... but with Palin rearing her pretty little head, Michael Steel claiming to be able to fake out the media, and the release of the minority budget plan - I figure this is a good time to poke fun at the Gay Old Patriarchy.

So, have at it - but keep in mind that I am not above publishing the The Friday Top 0!!!!!! if you fuckers don't submit anything.

Have a nice weekend.


Pierre V. Ross said...

my favorite thing about the republican party is that they are not this blog. number 1 bitches

puddy said...

fibs - ok. i'm not sure what that means - but we've now received 100% more responses than I was expecting. If we keep this up, we may have two responses by Monday!

BB-Idaho said...

Uh, er.....I'm still thinking.
...there must be something.

Distributorcap said...

my favorite thing about the Republican Party is that they let me leave a comment here so I can win a prize. this is like the publishers clearing house

do i win a date with Sarah Palin? or better yet Michelle Malkin?

puddy said...

BB-Idaho - yeah, I'm kinda lucky, not having the answer the question and all... so far, i'm liking your response the best.

Distributorcap - you've trumped frozen inaugural balls in confusing me. not that it's a terribly difficult feat... but who knows, that may be your prize.

Randal Graves said...

I think dcap wants a wingnut threeway.

I know that doesn't answer your query, but I can't think of anything about them that I like except that they make me laugh.

puddy said...

Randal - yeah... i suppose you cut right to the quick. the topic was inspired by that very point. the republicans are just a constant source of comedy lately. i kinda like that about them. aside from their duty to provide the little balance that exists in our current political environment - i'm not sure i can think of any truely virtuous qualities of the poor bastards... oh well, i have to go finish cleaning the bathroom now.

Kup said...
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Kup said...

My favorite thing about the Republican Party is that when all life on Earth eventually perishes, it will (I hope!) perish with it. That and they have never sent anyone to my house seeking shelter from the rain on a sunny day. That would just be strange.
Fuck spell check by the way. It can make your words perish into a parish. Not pretty. Not pretty at all...

Shaw Kenawe said...

My favorite thing about the Republican Party is all the incredibly goofy MBFs* that are attracted to it, Michelle Bachmann, per esempio.

*moronic brownshirt f**ks

a term I learned over at Duncan Black's excellent "Eschaton" blog.

puddy said...

I can't believe we got 5 responses... and they were actually good/ammusing.

My apologies to Sal who submitted a great response, but is disqualified from this contest due to the fact that this is his blog.

the cheating bastard.

Thanks again to everybody. This was acutally kinda fun for me. I hope it was enjoyable for others as well...

Comrade Kevin said...

That they have managed to use the same arguments advancing methods that don't work for the past eighty years without anyone ever asking them why they can't come up with anything better.