Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ummmm Part Deux: More Ummmmier

This story inspires a lack of confidence in so many directions I am not sure where to start writing or when to start crying. I am not even sure that I am not sure about either of these things. Its all very confusing.

The AP has a story about first time jobless claims coming in at 639,000, which was lower than expected. This is supposed to be good news as the week before the drop was 670,000, and the expectation was for it to be as high as 650,000. So 11,000 more people kept their jobs then was expected!

While I am happy for those 11,000 folks (assuming they like their jobs) I find the way the story was broken an affront to all things decent and mindful. I view the first sentence as being offensive to the very notion and even possibility of human intelligence. See for yourself:

WASHINGTON – The number of new jobless claims and the total number of people
receiving unemployment benefits both dropped more than expected last week,
though they remain at elevated levels and are unlikely to fall substantially in
the coming months.

What gives? The sentence begins by reporting a bad prediction and ends with another prediction. This reminds me of when a weather forecast begins as follows:

Today's forecast was for sun and instead we got rain, but tomorrow we should have a Hurricane...

Lets just stop. That's right, I said it--we all need to stop. Whatever it is you are doing do not do it anymore because it is not working. If you think you need to keep doing whatever it is you are doing you are wrong and I can say that with near certainty. Trust me, try something else.



Randal Graves said...

I should stop surfing and start doing work? You are mad.

puddy said...

"Whatever it is you are doing do not do it anymore because it is not working."

Nonsense - I am quite effective at posting videos of pissy camels.

puddy said...

ya know... whatever happened to the days before our economy was a cunt? when the media existed for the soul purpose of warning us against global pandemic. everybody i know has been sick for the last three weeks and there's not one fear-based CNN we're-all-gonna-get-aids special scheduled. i miss it.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yea, people need to shut the fuck up and quit with the endless babble. Cable news is the worse. . . endlessly running their silly ass mouths about a whole lotta nuthing. Newspapers are the same.

Thoreau said that reading newspapers was stupid.
'Once you've read about one ship wreck you've read about them all.'

It's hard to get the facts these days.