Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gun Control and Abortion: My Solution

I feel very strongly that abortion should be legal and that all guns should be 100% banned. However, there seems to be an increase in fire arm shootings as the economy has tanked and gun sales have sored

Yet, I feel that there are so many issues, from illegal wars and human immigration to health care and a backwards economy that we on the left must accept fire arms and turds on the right should do the same with abortion so we can move on to these other issues of enormous consequence. 

Even though we are butchering ourselves in the streets here in the USA, I still hold this opinion--but I am sick to my stomach. My solution is that for every fire arm death that occurs a scientist should be able to perform 1 hour of embryonic stem cell in the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. 

This would make me and many others feel better emotionally and, with some hard work and a tad of luck I might physically feel better if a cure can be found for a disease I might catch, err have in the future. 


Unknown said...

I enjoyed your post very much, especially that part about banning guns.

Shaw Kenawe said...

If guns are outlawed, only outlawed stem cells will have guns.

Kup said...

Mikeb- I feel the same way about your comment.

Shaw- I think thats causing the violence in Mexico at the moment.