Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jihad on Love

Love... L'amour... That uncontrollable flame that comes out of nowhere and shakes the foundations of rational thought. That unquenchable desire to spend every waking moment with the object of our affection. That unpredictable emotion that drives us to actions and thoughts that bewilder even oursleves. It gives us shortness of breath and flutters in our stomachs. In severe cases of love, one may be convinced to willingly attend a Michael Bolton concert.

It raises us up. It tears us down. And in Afghanistan, it will fucking kill you. Two unfortunate souls in rural Afghanistan (better known as Talibanistan) were hunted down and killed because they had the audacity to try to elope. They wanted to run off and make a new life for themselves in the safe haven of Iran (am I the only one that finds that scary?), but their parents had a shit fit when they caught wind of the plot and before long, the Taliban was there to punish them under sharia law (who died and made them Allah?). I'd rather my daughter run off and marry someone without my consent then have her hunted down and executed, but that's just me.

On the topic of sharia law, Pakistan also recently felt it prudent to approve sharia law in the Taliban infested Swat Valley (this is actually a beautiful place and was THE tourist destination in Pakistan as recently as 2005. Today.. not so much). It's a spineless move that was made to try to keep the temporary peace in a volatile land. Maybe the US will finally do what it shoulda done 8 years ago and knock these fuckers out of power, but in the meantime, women can look forward to being raped and beaten, young girls can look forward to that too, but they also get the knowledge that they have absolutely no chance of bettering themselves and breaking this ludicrous cycle as they will have no access to any education whatsoever. Allah likes his women dumb and covered from head to toe. Or so a certain genocidal shadow government would have you believe.

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Randal Graves said...

I felt the dark breath of the wingnut pass over my soul for a moment. Instead of dropping munitions on Taliban strongholds, bomb them with back issues of Hustler.