Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jeb, Hannity and Salvation

Easter is a time for rebirth, guilt and eggs. No doubt, Sean Hannity, a bible thumper who beats his chest in promo spots that he vigorously studied Theology in college (though he dropped out of two NY universities and has, to date, only earned "honorary degrees" from brilliant minds like Jerry Falwell) is glad handing it in some church today and spreading his own gospel on the state of American affairs. His latest effort is "6 Ideas to Save America." Where were these great ideas 5 years ago when we REALLY needed to be saved from ourselves?

And what better way to drum up support than to dust the mothballs off of Jeb Bush as a champion for your cause? Jeb.. who was on the job when the biggest clusterfuck in the American election process took place. Jeb, whose brother implemented the most ridiculous farce in US Education history (leave a comment if you have to guess). Jeb, who has had funding up the ying-yang for years, but who has been publicly criticized for an education plan that yanks funding (cuz there's not enough of that going on) from schools that don't perform well on standardized tests. Jeb, a beacon of light in a dark, dark world.

It's all rhetoric. Jeb says, "Conservatives need to be on the cutting edge of reform" Hannity says we need to break the "unholy alliance between Democrats and teacher's unions." If only ALL Americans were Conservative.. this problem would be fixed already. Getting advice from the close minded and the uneducated on how to "save" education in America is like getting marriage advice from Liz Taylor.
The research I did on this made my head spin. The numbers, voting records, educational rankings. Education is fucked and has been for years. Exhibit A: Some people are dumb enough to give their hard earned money to sites like this one.


Michael Hart said...

Look at the size of Jeb's HEAD!
Oh; he's comparing it to the fetal alcohol syndrome boy. . .

Kup said...

Where does Glenn Beck fit into this?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jeb! Ah yes. The putative "smart Bush." Just look at how great Florida is doing. Is it #1 or #2 in the CDS and mortgage collapse? Beautiful Florida, where the only things that outnumbers "For Sale" signs on deserted cul de sacs are gun and ammo stores.

Comrade Kevin said...

There is a correlation between conservative theory and ignorance that I have never seen with liberal theory.