Tuesday, November 24, 2009

for those about to puke we salute you

Adam Kokesh speaks at End the Fed Rally in Houston TX

The most dangerous word in the world today is Capitalism. The establishment hates this word because this word represents an idea. This idea means freedom, equality under the law, and prosperity for a society that respects and protects the rights of every human being regardless of wealth, age, gender, color, race, or creed, and holds all forms of coercive force morally reprehensible. - Adam Kokesh

if, by chance, you don't know who this complete fucking moron is, he is running for congress.

good luck new mexico.

if you find this information depressing - just do what I do: envision kicking this piece of shit in the balls about a dozen times.

see? instant smile.


libhom said...

Obviously, Kokesh is incredibly naive about capitalism. However, I do admire his anti war activism...though not enough to make a contribution to his campaign.

Kup said...

I wish he would suck the helium out of one of those balloons before talking.

puddy said...

lib - he sounds like he's auditioning for the part of john galt. maybe if he removes the virtue of selfishness from his colon he could say something original. at least ayn rand had the perspective of having been born in a corrupt socialist country. but this guy is from the burbs. his mom dropped him off for school in the family cadillac. you don't have to be a mindless automaton raving about capitalism to know that brute force is deplorable. i appreciate his service to our country - and his antiwar stance is admirable - but libertarians are goons and should not be mistaken as anything else.

Distributorcap said...

nowhere on his home page does he mention what party he is with

SagaciousHillbilly said...

He actually has some solid ideas, but why does he not declare what party he is or isn't affiliated with? That leads to serious trust issues for me.

puddy said...

i had to look him up on wikipedia to find this:

On July 21 2009, Kokesh announced that he would be running as a libertarian-oriented Republican and is receiving support from Ron Paul.[20]