Tuesday, December 15, 2009

youtube mashup: LIEBERMAN

so... two weeks ago i started searching youtube for somewhat controversial terms... capitalism, socialism, climategate... and i was able to pick out a few independent video-bloggers that i thought captured a realistic, reactionary, somewhat hysterical perspective that may not be evident in the mainstream media.
this excersize has become somewhat of an obsession for me.
at the risk of dedicating this blog solely to the likes of that sewer rat joe lieberman... today's search term: LIEBERMAN.

ok... i usually try to summarize these things... this video needs no such summary. it does; however, require commentary:

dear ndsman64,

sir, you are doing god's work... but for the sake of artistic expression, lay off the obama speaches. be yourself. let some of your own oratory style come through in the presentation. you don't have to be perfect to get an important point across.

try not to overdo it with the editorial content. while insightful, your opinions may outshine the topic. it's hard for the little tree to grow in the shadow of the big tree.

and tell your wife the patriots suck.

friend til the end,

Joe Lieberman's Eyes & Balls Being Pan Fried in Hell... or: four-egg breakfast. F-

some sanity from insane films. i don't think there is a better way to summarize the healthcare legislation issue at this point. A+


Randal Graves said...

This is your brain.
This is your brain on Lieberman.
Any questions?

Laura said...

I don't like the looks of that breakfast!