Tuesday, December 8, 2009

youtube mashup: SOCIALISM

today's search term: socialism. these guys mean business... the first guy has a sword and he's not afraid to pose with it.

socialism, communism, cold war, governemnt multitasking (pose) acorn funding (pose) socialism (pose) medicare and medicaid (pose) the VA (pose) welfare (pose) communism (pose) and all the older people refused healthcare in socialist (stammer) or communist healthcare systems

obama's destroying america and turning it into this socialist "thing." stalin started the, ya know, war. obama's gonna take away our goods. our <harbl> healthcare. he's gonna just be like, "me, me, me, me, me." every other country uses the N-word. we don't because somebody's gonna go cry. he's tired of being called a racist. hates obama because of obama's "moral rights", everything he agrees with, and he's turning america into a socialissssst country and government. it's, ya know, uuuuuuurrrr.

and i leave you with this brief musical interlude...

so... this is what your up against. a sword, some crappy visual effects, and stalin. good luck.

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Agi said...

the dude with the sword is against the VA? So he really must hate the troops...