Tuesday, August 17, 2010

maybe all i need is a shot in the arm

there was a time when barry made moving speeches, wasn't there?

traditionally those magical moments came just in time to pull us out of the deepest doldrums of cynicism. just as we were starting to doubt barry's superhuman strength, he would use his amazing powers to stop an out-of-control train from careening off a cliff into a hospital/orphanage/dnc fundraising event etc. etc. etc.

remember the race speech? holy shit... i still haven't completely cleaned myself up from that one.

those speeches are like democrat-crack - each one of us able to annihilate a dozen tea-baggers with a single snarky smirk.

and all the little elected lefties follow suite as well! truly a site to be seen!!!

yeah... we could really use one of those right now.

who controls the barry-batman spotlight? rahm?

in the meantime, let wilco rock your face off:

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