Friday, August 27, 2010

selective reduction...

have you heard of this?

apparently, selective reduction is the process of reducing the number of fetuses during a pregnancy. the practice is usually employed when an inordinate number of fetuses jeopardizes the medical safety of the pregnancy.

so in other words, you're pregnant with octuplets, but the doctors fear that anything over six fetuses could harm the mother or the would-be babies. in this case the doctors evaluate which fetuses are the least likely to survive and aborts them for the safety of the entire pregnancy.

creepy but pragmatic in a medical sense.

apparently there is an article in elle this month about a pregnant woman and her doctor choosing selective reduction for financial reasons. she could only afford to support one baby, but having ivr, she wound up pregnant with twins.


even creepier? both fetuses were healthy and she knew the gender of each twin prior to her choice!

i'm all about pro-choice... a woman's body is hers... the choice is hers... i'm not picketing... no signs... no politics or religion... but that shit is fucking creepy.

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