Tuesday, August 24, 2010

no eggs... no meat... americans in need of international aid.

how much do you love the fact that our food is getting us sick? more and more, it seems that we can't safely eat food bought in a typical supermarket anymore.

hey, i shop at trader joe's and the local farmer's market - but i'm a snobby liberal with no kids - i don't mind missing a mortgage payment or two to afford my groceries.

(i drink organic milk... does that make me weird?)

well, my sister and her husband now have the salmonella poisoning - raising the media's estimate of salmonella cases in florida to: two.

it was the eggs it seems. she made omelets for her hubby and herself two days in a row. next thing you know, doubled over in a parking lot. nausea, sharp pains, no sense of rhythm...

now its the deli meat.

two months ago the media shocked us all when it linked deli meats to cancer-causing nitrates. now it's tainted with the salmonella. sigh...

but don't panic!

it just might be worth three or four days of crippling illness to sneak in that dagwood. know what? a fried egg is just what you need to top off that bad boy. and if you're lucky enough to avoid food poisoning and butt cancer, you can chase it down with a lipitor and pepcid cocktail. then jab yourself in the face with a couple dozen spoonfuls of ice cream and ... ... ... don't forget your insulin before you slip into your snuggie and pass out for a few hours.

tomorrow you can go to the gym... i hear they have a very nice buffet.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Tonight, I'm making the Sicilian dish "Pasta alla Norma." Vegetarian. Made with eggplant and fresh roma tomatoes, fresh home grown herbs, and lots of Parmigiano cheese over cellantani pasta.

How sweet of the Sicilians to name a dish after an operatic heroine!

It's delicious. My dear departed Mamma taught me.

Come on over and share it with me!

puddy said...

sounds fantastic. you can't keep me away from homemade italian food.

Carrie said...

I, too, was sick from the eggs, three times (because I thought I was getting sick from the salsa at Baja Fresh). I made omelettes every Sunday for three Sundays before the salmonella story broke, and since I have a tendency to undercook my eggs (I like them that way), I got sick. Abdominal cramps and nausea, usually at the middle of the week. Of course, staying away from Baja Fresh didn't help (laughing). I had three eggs left when I found out my eggs were part of the recall. And, out of sheer luck, I didn't make the french toast for my 7 year old grandson using the eggs that I was going to do (got lazy and gave him cereal for breakfast). I can only imagine what those eggs would have done to that little one's stomach. Me, I have a cast iron stomach, so I managed to skate with just some cramps and feeling a bit like throwing up. HOWEVER, that WAS the last straw for me, and I have completely gone organic, shopping at Whole Foods now. I know, I don't like the CEO's stance on global warming, but I don't like shopping at Trader Joe's because they really do not have a large selection of food and other items. I'm even to scared to eat out now, since I can't guarantee where the restaurant bought the food, and trust me, no more fast food AT ALL. Our FDA is such a joke, and when you look at all the foods that have been recalled and tainted over the last eight Bush years, why it almost makes you want to just give up eating!