Friday, January 29, 2010

most awesomest headline of the day!!!

Bin Laden tape blames U.S. for climate change

aside from the obvious, "so what? who gives a fuck what caveboy says?" i am left with the feeling that OBL is just trying to fuck with republicans. i mean, don't get me wrong, i hate that fucker... but goddamn, if he's trying to twist limbaugh's plentiful titties, he's doing a great job.

i hope his next revelation has something to do with the forthcoming entirely homosexual american army. or maybe how much he liked avatar.


Distributorcap said...

got give OBL credit for just keep stirring the pot -- even from his cave

lahru said...

What's next? This guy who evades capture by the most sophisticated electronics and has been sought for ten years will be carping about speed limits on our Interstates? Ca'mon? I smell cloud guy!

libhom said...

I'm sure this is a fake tape put out by Big Oil and Big Coal.