Thursday, June 12, 2008

Racial Profiling...

So yesterday my girlfriend and I are shopping at Whole Foods. I personally find the store to be overly expensive and kind of pretentious but we went there for a few things we knew they carried. Well, Heather likes to bring our Trader Joe's cloth shopping bag whenever we shop so we don't need to use plastic bags at checkout. She's a big hippie, I know.

So we're looking at produce when this security guard, who's dressed like he works for Homeland Security mind you, approaches Heather and tells her she's been "red flagged" for "stuffing things into her bag". So I joking call her a terrorist and of course the security guard fails to see my humor but he's serious! So Heather politely tells the guard that she is in fact holding a shopping bag but he hears none of it.

Apparently, Whole Foods was being ripped off by people not taking everything out of their bags at checkout and their solution was to eliminate bringing your own shopping bags into the store. So obviously we walked out and will not return to give Whole Foods any of our money but the whole thing stayed with me for awhile.

The only solution Whole Foods could come up with to stop theft was to stop allowing people who care about the environment to use their own shopping bags? At every other grocery store in L.A. they actually give you a discount(albeit 5 cents) for bringing your own bag to shop but Whole Foods "red flags" you! How is it that Whole Foods is losing so much money to theft and no other grocery store in the city seems to be plagued by these crimes enough to halt people from being a little Eco-friendly?

I now hate Whole Foods more than I would ever have imagined after this retarded episode. It's somehow impossible for Whole Foods employees to actually make people empty their shopping bags at checkout, so too bad environment, bring on more plastic baggies. Why does Whole Foods need huge security guards armed with pepper spray? This country is fucking insane.

On a side note, Heather "accidentally" forgot to remove a Serrano pepper from the bag before we left. Suck it Whole Foods!

P.S. I won a $20 buy-in poker tournament last night worth $365 so the day kind of evened out. Thank you poker Gods...


Unconventional Conventionist said...

That was stupid of them. Why doesn't the checker just empty the bag and ring the contents up?

It's just more fashionable to be fascist than smart I guess.

Bradda said...

Seriously UC, they don't even have self check-out lines, so what exactly are the cashiers doing?

alzaido alzaido said...

Whole Foods bothers me. This is just another example of how awful that company is. I don’t like them because their name is completely deceiving. Their name suggests that the foods that they carry are whole food products that are made with real food products. Not so though. They carry a lot of processed foods full of crap like hydrogenated oils. If you ever go back there check out the ingredients in their products. They even put hydrogenated oils in the breads that they bake in their store bakeries. Another reason that I don’t like them is they are way over priced. I suppose they are just following the American plan of proven success…deception.