Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the audacity of glenn

glenn, aka man-hamster, has successfully restored our honor.

i feel like i’ve been baptized in bullshit.

how about this: we’ve lost our honor because the christian-right senses a world-wide undertow pulling away from christian-american influence?

is this the first time they’ve noticed it? or is the sentiment just now so strong that they are finally humoring our disinterest of their morality olympics?

and why does the christian-right get to challenge america’s honor?

considering our nation’s role in genocide against an indigenous population, slavery and perpetual exploitation of foreign populations, japanese internment camps, unjust wars, rationalized torture, intolerance of other religions, and the designated hitter rule… IT’S OUR DE-CHRISTIANIZATION THAT CHALLENGES OUR HONOR?

their morality comprises nothing more than finding christ.

we heal and grow from the recognition and redemption of our past.

it does our country the greatest dishonor to ignore our past and accuse those who can’t of Hating America.

and now apparently barrack obama is slaughtering nine-month old babies while declaring himself the messiah of the world. okay… you just sit there and keep an eye on that.

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