Friday, September 17, 2010

restore sanity / keep fear alive

gonna be there? bet your sweet ass i will.

the question is... is this a politically inspired event or just a fan-boy star-trek circlejerk? it wouldn't matter either way if we didn't need this so badly right now. satire is a powerful thing.

stewart mentioned "special guests" - i wonder if john stamos will be there?



Sue said...

HA!!! That is funny, and dreamy...

Sue said...

BTW, I am sooooo old. This is just the second time I have even heard the term circle jerks. I had no idea what that was and had to Google! The first time was on lisa the trolls blog! LOL

Shaw Kenawe said...

Johnny Stamos? Didn't Lana Turner kill that guy?

Circle jerks: what goes on in ice hockey locker rooms [someone reported this; never witnessed it.]