Sunday, September 12, 2010

time to really mess with this guy's head...

now that rev. flavor saver has decided not to burn the qur'an, i think it's only fair that we call him out for what he very obviously is:

a dirty appeaser who believes that christians should fear muslims and that muslims should be able to intimidate americans without consequence.

furthermore, his decision to cave to demands of the librul media completely annuls the first amendment and turns the constitution into a wad of wet toilet paper.


seriously though... what does rev. surrender monkey get for all his hard work? a giant fucking spotlight on his church business:

  • Terry Jones, the controversial pastor behind the recent call to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11, runs a church that spends most of its money on administrative expenses and operates a furniture business out his church in Gainesville, FL.
i guess "godliness is next to the barely used sofa-bed". that would look nice stitched on a throw pillow.
  • [...]the Dove World Outreach Center, "program services" accounted for 30.5 percent of the church's expenses, while "Administrative costs" accounted for 69.5 percent.
sure. mustache administration is expensive.
  • [...]he also sells the book he authored, "Islam is of the Devil", as well as mugs, tee shirts and hats on another website he
hmmm... what does this remind me of?

  • [...] an online real estate listing may indicate Jones is looking for other ways to drum up some cash. According to the listing on real estate website, the Dove World Church is for sale for 2.9 million. The listing says the property has been "reduced $1.1 million for a quick sale".
what??? a guy can't make an honest living flipping churches? besides, i hear there's a real nice piece of property in downtown NYC that's about to become available.
  • Though the church once enjoyed tax-exempt status, it lost part of that status this spring, according to the Alachua County Property Appraiser's office. A representative from the appraiser's office visited Dove World Outreach Center March 25th, and determined the church must pay taxes on the 1,700 square feet of its property that is being used for the Jones' for-profit business. The church will pay $3,200 in property taxes this year.
so why are we calling this a "church" and referring to this media-whoring fraud as a "reverend"?

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Anonymous said...

Didn't God tell him to burn the books? So... is Jones ignoring God or did God change his mind.... again?