Tuesday, December 1, 2009

an illiterate youtube mash-up: CLIMATEGATE!!!

lately i've taken to searching youtube for random and somewhat controversial topics. last week i found a video of Adam Kokesh sexually molesting your intelligence and a few palin book signing atrocities. today I searched the term "climategate."

uhm.......... enjoy!

my man comes clean. swine flu isn't blowing his skirt up. it isn't the great luciferian sacrifice he had anticipated. he mentions the affect of the "alternative media" blowing it out of proportion whereas the mainstream media knew to steer clear. also, climategate doesn't matter. no congressional investigation will take place to battle al gore's taxation conspiracy. his evil plan to rob this world of its money will carry on as planned. the usa has already collapsed. finally, christmas is going to suck.

the media isn't covering climategate because john holdren, previously of the "sterilize americans against their will" campaign, is part of the scandal. the medieval warm period completely disproves global warming. your taxes will increase by 40%. that'll turn your $50 electric bill into a $100 electric bill. your air conditioner will be taxed. maurice strong, the luciferian environmental savior of the earth, embraces the apocalypse. the fascists in italy and germany came into power because they said their ballot box democracies cannot make trains run on time. the science for carbon-emissions is totally debunked. china sells organs of the living to other countries. their whole agenda is to set up a world government under the style of mao. many of you will be rounded up and exterminated...

ok... this guy isn't nearly as reactionary... but i really like his hair.

isn't it interesting how these goony bastards are just as absolute in their assessments as their counterparts have been?