Saturday, February 21, 2009

August Rush

So.. I just watched the film August Rush. This post has nothing to do with the content of the film itself. I was rather intrigued by the MPAA warning however.

This film was rated PG. It was brought to my attention that this film contains "thematic elements."

Does that even make sense? Isn't that a quality of any well thought out film (even the really bad ones)? That's like saying beer contains "bubbles." Why did the MPAA feel the need to make a point about this? The PG ranking was created so that parents could monitor the content of what their kids are watching. Is there a danger younger children might learn something. Or is it code for "may not be the best choice for three year olds." But that would be dumb. It could be boring for a lot of people.

Usually you see warnings that a film may contain violence or drug use, nudity or potty mouths. "Thematic elements" must be somehow offensive? Or maybe younger viewers only have a cursory understanding of thematic elements and could be adversely impacted by seeing them in the context of a fictional medium. Or maybe the MPAA doesn't have a clue.


Kup said...

I wonder what they said about Miracle Mile?!?

puddy said...

well to be fair, the movie does contain situational happenings.