Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GOP Mock Draft

I have decided to start a new fantasy league. I'm still figuring out how we'll do the scoring and I still need to recruit a few more teams, but it will be related to all things GOP. And it will have to crown it's champion by April 24th. Because the NFL Draft is on the 25th.

Each team will need to start one former president, two media representatives, two senators and two governors.

Limbaugh, McCain, Reagan all fine first round picks and I know Bobby Jindal is jumping up your draft board right now, but I'm thinking Bay Buchanon may be the supersleeper to take me to a championship.

More to follow..


Kup said...

Pat Buchanon is past his prime but he might have something left in the tank. What about Michael Savage and Palin...Where do they rank on your board?

Pierre V. Ross said...

i'll take hannity, pawlenty, and george herbert, then i'll move the franchise to ottowa. I mean, it's only fair, here in dc we got stuck with the Expos, and we never cried about it.

Randal Graves said...

Screw all these jokers, I'm digging up the bones of Barry Goldwater. Don't doubt their diabolical power.