Monday, February 9, 2009

Taliban self-image gets a boost

Those wacky extremists are at it again and this time they are telling Polish geologists everywhere to keep their grubby hands off of rocks that don't belong to them. Some four months ago, Piotr Stanczak was kidnapped in the North West Frontier Province, overrun with Taliban rabblerousers. Since the Poles keep sending troops to fight their brothers in Afghanistan and the Pakistani government simply won't release dozens of their captured comrades, the Taliban decided to send a message by beheading a guy who was hoping never to face the all-too-real dangers that prompted the creation of "hazard pay." The Taliban feels pretty fucking good about it too! What greater joy can one guy feel since they banned.. well everything fun? I sincerely hope they will lift restrictions on bicycle riding soon so they can move a hair closer to being a civilized society (that almost sounded plausible). Of course, reminds us that womens' rights might be a few generations away.

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