Monday, February 25, 2008

Afternoon Memo:

Happy new week!

This edition is going to focus on a turd named John McCane.*

Here is a good story that deals with McCane being intricately tied to the war in Iraq. This really tells the tale:

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll from February 1-3, 2008, reported that
64% of adults nationwide oppose the war in Iraq, while only 34% favor the war --
despite the fact that 52% agree that the U.S. military "is making progress in
improving conditions in Iraq and bringing an end to the violence in that

Apparently the Dems have taken notice.

Furthermore McCane seems to hate families and the people comprise them, since this war is destroying both.

Additionally, I offer some scientific evidence that McCane is indeed a turd.

Here is proof that turds are a self loathing lot:

I really like this guy. I might send him an email asking him to come to my apartment each morning and wake me up by doing that.

And here is another turd on turd video. This one is a pragmatic call to action:

Thats all.

***UPDATE (3:37 PST)***

I just got this in my email box:

Dear McCain Supporter, Today we witnessed the first of the negative TV attacks that will be waged against John McCain. The liberal group has begun airing an attack ad on cable television that flat out lies about John McCain's positions. And this is only the beginning. National Liberal Democratic groups are rolling out their strategy for the General Election. It appears that the politics of "hope and change" are euphemisms for even more vicious attacks than we've ever seen before. All the usual liberal suspects;, the Democratic National Committee, The New York Times and others are adding to the efforts under way by VoteVets and are plotting to spend over $20 million to smear John McCain. A line has been drawn in the sand. The smoke and mirrors of the democrats' rhetoric betray the negative campaign tactics of their confederates. Now the shadowy 527 groups allied with them are spending unchecked millions. For them, it's not about what's best, it's all about winning. It is a sad day in our county's history that it has come to this. We need your immediate help to combat this attack from the angry Liberal Left. There is nothing they will hold back, no limit to what they will spend, and we have to be ready to fight back and tell voters what we already know: that John McCain is the right person to lead our country on day one. Please make an immediate contribution to help stop these attacks. The election is not until November, but these groups are already buying television ads to spread lies about John McCain. We have to prepare now so we have the resources to respond. Thank you for your continued support. Sincerely, Rick DavisCampaign Manager P.S. We need your immediate help. Please make a contribution today so we can fight back against the Liberal Left that will stop at nothing to win.


*I am fully aware that I am not spelling his name the same way the Sen. from Arizona does. This is on purpose and I it amuses me. If you are not amused please allow me to formally apologize and plead with you to overlook my silliness. Thanks.

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Bradda said...

Good for Jon Soltz!! I'm a member of and I support smear jobs!