Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bush Press Conference

I just finished watching the President speak. He is really thriving in his role as a lame duck. It was a staple "Bush-Conference", with all kinds of double speak and criminal fantasies. He did hit a home run when he said " Look, I'm concerned about the economy because I'm concerned about working Americans, concerned about people who want to put money on the table and save for their kids' education. "

The only people that I of that want to "put money on the table" are cocaine dealers, drinkers, and gamblers, and even the later are prone to using chips. If money goes on tables and not into cash registers, how are we going to stimulate the economy? This makes no sense.

Read the transcripts here, or watch the video via C-SPAN.

Sadly, Bush may not allow me to go to Hawaii this summer on my Grand children's dime.

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Anonymous said...

I think the country dies a little bit everytime the Bush doth speak.